Ainhoa Rodrigo miana
Ainhoa Rodrigo miana ¡hola a todos! lo primero de todo me encanta este juego, a pesar de no entender el idioma ;-;

No si haya alguien que sepa español pero ahi va mi pregunta ¿como se actualiza?
El juego me lleva a app store para actualizar pero al no ser viable en esa app no se que hacer ;-;
Agradezco la ayuda de antemano :3 Read Note
Anime Move (AniMov)
Anime Move (AniMov) I have a new problem since I dont understand Japanes..Can anybody help me ? Where can I set the friendship lvl to 20 as per on the mission? and what is the meaningn of the second pic theres translation there but I cant understand it. Read Note
Anime Move (AniMov)
Anime Move (AniMov) Anyone know how to buy the gem here??
.Somehow I cant buy it.Is it because I am under 18? Read Note
Elisa Stana
Elisa Stana How do i get that ticket? Read Note
Peter Lawrence Gutierrez
Peter Lawrence Gutierrez Could someone translate me this requirement? Arigatou [微笑] Read Note


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