Jose Juventius
Jose Juventius can someone tell me whats the building meaning in my Daewi Han? cause i cant use it for the material for primal god summon Read Note
Jeferson Ventura
Jeferson Ventura hey how can i rank up a 4 star character to a 5 star character without wasting a 5 star characters. Read Note
Jeferson Ventura
Jeferson Ventura hey guys how can i level up my team level fast is there like a farming place to level up my team Read Note
vako hi guyss , can anyone tell me ehat should i do with the event going at the moment , i got many character cards from the super chanse wheel or smthing but cant do anything with these , so am just struggling with it., any suggestions would be great . thx in advance Read Note
jjbx22 god
jjbx22 god is there a discord for this game? Read Note


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