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HarukaBlueberry Guess my favourite character (Hard). I started this game back in June and am obsessed. It's very entertaining and has gorgeous visuals. Was blessed in this account.
Tangmo Apiya มีใครรู้วิธีล็อกอินเกมนี้ไหมคะ-;;;; Read Note
Cat Live Visual Aku baru tau beberapa ssr+ card punya live visual. It looks so pretty[色色][色色][色色] Read Note
QooApp News Stand My Heroes Gets Large-Scale Update on April 17 The mobile puzzle game Stand My Heroes is getting a large-scale update on April 17! The game will update with Main Story Act 2 and a new character, Shuji Kuroko.
Read Note Stand My Heroes Gets Large-Scale Update on April 17 - QooApp News The mobile puzzle game Stand My Heroes is getting a large-scale update on April 17, opening the veil of the Main Story Act 2 with a new character, Shuji Kuroko.
Cat I know how to save account! For id you need to put alphabet, number, alphabet again, and then number again.
For password, I guess you can use a word and some number.
Aftet losing accounts finally I can save my account now. After you put id and password it will be look like this:
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