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ohunnu English Otome Games When will we get all of the otome games in English especially CYBIRD's ones.... Do you know??? [賣萌][耍帥][賣萌][賣萌][賣萌][賣萌][賣萌][賣萌][厲害][無語][無語][無語] #anime #otaku #otome #cybird #dating #simulation #romance  Read Note
Koichiro Ryuu Why does the application often stop and suddenly come out on the homepage?[驚訝][驚訝] Read Note
Otaku Related News Trendsetting Wizard [The leaves smell like pudding!] Pom Pom Purin created with leaves! (Photo by Twitter @RUXZF)
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琴月麗夜 As announced on the game's official Twitter accoint, Sanrio Danshi will be closing today, 27 Sept,, 3pm. 
While it started good under Cybrid, it practically was heading for a downfall when it switched to Mynet. Diamond's were given on login every other day. Gameplay while relatively had no change, had now no incentive or purpose anymore. There was no progression, and at a stagnant deadlock. Which is why i stopped playing, although a little sad i didn't get to finish Shunsuke/Hello Kitty boy route. 
That being said, i do wish Sanrio Danshi will come back after a rework. Like how Kaikan Phrase closed Kaikan Phrase Next, to work on Kaikan Phrase Climax and is slated for release end of this month. Fully voiced with A-list voice actors, well thought out gameplay, Mayu Shinjo herself is also involved in the production. Judging by how extensive the advertising and campaigns were, and even auditioning for the main girl's voice actress, i'm all hyped out for Climax; hope it doesn't disappoint. 
Likewise, i really hope Sanrio Danshi will return with a better, new game, especially now the boys have more friends. For now, i'll just enjoy the boys and their friends on the official Twitter. 
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Mayoi is My Labs! Why? Here #GameRantsandStuff #EverythingStars Most are either disgusted or are weirded out by Mayoi however, he was, is, and will always be my favorite in Alkaloid(though in the looks department, Hiiro and Aira come close and I think Mayoi won't mind hehehe). Anyways, I mentioned before that Mayoi is someone I liked the moment I read the story and have him mention Phantom of the Opera, I was hooked. There's also the fact that he's actually [info removed due to spoilers]! Imagine that! Will wonder never cease and I am pleasantly surprised then took it as a sign that we're meant to be. Additionally, back to the part where Mayoi garners disgust and weird look from others. And it's because of his weird 'habits'. Look, we have moments where we fawn and coo at cute baby animals. Some even have the urge to bite off the fluffy and furry head of a chick or squish a cute little puppy from too much cuteness. [汗顏] Uh, no, I never had that urge before. Never. 🎶 [鬼臉] Anyways, to me, Mayoi is just like...well, me. I adore cute baby bois and I wanna pet them, hug them, take care of them and watch just watch them grow and flourish, y'know? Mayoi is mostly misunderstood since he's someone like Idia minus Ortho. Actually, it's worse because Ortho makes Idia a little more agreeable to other people and...Mayoi has no one [憋屈][憋屈][憋屈] Poor baby However, I'm very proud that he finally said something about what he does and why he does it in an impressive manner that I clapped my hands irl after reading it.
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