Claudia frnds someone can explain to me why i can't install the new version of the game ? Read Note
Haru_Boy I'm really mad rn
everything I gained in this game over the past year is gone
I was just playing it because I wanted to finsih the Day6 event. Then a message popped up that my account is being used on another device. No one has my data and I uninstalled it on my old phone over half a year ago
and now i cannot log back in because I don't know how i had been logged in (email and passwort)
I would really appreciate any help because I don't want to give up on my Cards (stray kids 7 R & 2 S, Day6 2 R, 1 S and 2 A)

and sorry if i sounded too harsh but I'm just not okay with that

edit: I just tried logging in again
i know my account name and when I'm right with that i didn't log in with an email because none of mine is available when trying to get a new password
so i tapped on guest login (what i probably did back then) and typed my username. And then the game tells me that it's already being used
well yes
by me
again I'd really appreciate any help Read Note
ㅎㅅㅎ🌻 ㅍㅅㅍ Read Note
НастяЛим Dalcom please SuperStar Starhip, Cube and YG❤ Read Note


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