HARRIS i have a seven deadly sins account for trade for a global or jp blazing that id good idk if this account is good though Read Note
Devin Cher i well give anyone a maxed out clash of clans account th 12 with maxed troops with 600 gems for a good jo nartuo blazing with all maxed characters Read Note
meRip I can give a 2500 Ios Jp stoned account in return for a good blazing account Read Note
Iris Montano does anyone want to trade a clash of clans town hall 11 half rushed for a jp blazing account with at least 2 or 1 kage league characters i dont care what kage league charter it is i just want a good jp account please[大哭] Read Note
meRip Trading a 2400 dragon stones account for a really good blazing account(it is ios JP) Read Note


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