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QooApp News Final Fantasy Record Keeper Global Shuts Down on September 29 The global version of Final Fantasy Record Keeper will shut down on September 29.
Read Note Final Fantasy Record Keeper Global Shuts Down on September 29 - QooApp News After almost eight long years, Square Enix has announced that the global version of Final Fantasy Record Keeper will be discontinuing its service on September 29.
Andre Yudha Final Fantasy Record Keeper. well, what can i say.. i spend nearly two or three years with this game.a take-of-old-classic. approach we knew and love.I like the chibi and style of each design of character.very detailed.and true to the their game of gacha -rate in this game is awesome.. i happened to main my Noctis to get his other strongest weapon.and the other main party member too.the music is also true to the their game-world of origin.(hopefully i could get the missable music score that i missed previously)thank you Record keeper for giving me a chance to play this game.. Read Note
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