MzTerzan saw a lot of player think they be banned or got problem with connection ( from service).
first: that is not problem from service, try to check your connection (as far as weak signal)
second: i never hear about banned cause you are not in Japan ( I'm in Viet Nam), so try to not use VPN to download from Google play, try to use QooAp ,( I'm posted in QooApp, so, never mind )
Also don't update until game require (even you saw new update from QooApp, just for sure)
btw, She cute :3 Read Note
Amelia Nuraini
Amelia Nuraini i'm cannot open the app !! why???!!![大哭][大哭][大哭] Read Note
YoonaMeow This chronicle was use for what ?
Because I have one this chronicle but I don't know it's for what, so.. Help-me :( Read Note
Eternal Wind
Eternal Wind finally i got her Read Note


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