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Danish Najwa El Moslem How to Save Your Account Data [UPDATED] hello! i would like to tell you guys how to save your data, so it won't lose even after changing phone!
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park Hyeara GUYS AKU NEWBIE, CAN HELP ME? guys, aku bru main IDOLiSH 7 ada yg bisa bantu ajarin ga? dri sistem, cara pencet tune(aku msh suka miss pdhl aku dah ngikutin yg disuruh), card, event, gacha, dll lain'nya
kalo ada yg mau bantu 
kita bisa tuker wa/ig/tele kok
wa: 087783263443
ig: nanasshwa_
telegram: @/dojega1864
sekalian jdi teman aku jg!!
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Dyunn 🍫𝘿𝘼𝙍𝙎 × 𝐓𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐆𝐄𝐑💎 I'm just gonna share the prev event for memories[開心]
It's first and last... Tbh the advertisement is really tempting, i mean I'm not only melting for the 🍫😏
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Aska Cinta ggaiiss ada yg tau cara ganti akun? Read Note


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Vaxei On DT
Installation Guide for Huawei Hey Huawei Summoners! I'm back after seeing a method on how to download Wild Rift on your device RIGHT NOW!, take note that this guide can't be possible without @Aaron Dela Cruz and E&M Hermoso, this is an english guide for this video : Step 1 : Open this Link - and click "64x", if it keeps scrolling up then scroll to the very bottom of the site, the download button is also determined if you want 64 bit or 32 bit, for information on what that is please google it. Step 2 : Install and Open the app, if it says to agree just click that, then enable draw over other apps option. just allow anything after that and wait for the app to load. Step 3 : Click on Settings, Root, then enable root, after that click "restart now". Step 4 : After restarting, click play store, sign in, search "wild rift" and install! other things to note : if the keyboard is in chinese, click the keyboard icon, then select the option that has the number 26 in it to enable english keyboard, have fun summoners! edit : hey guys! I just found out that you can't really download the 32 bit version of the app, so try this : : it's v2.1.4 but it shouldnt matter that much, give it a try and see how it goes! edit 2 : WARNING! I've recieved some feedback from other users, if your phone is experiencing a force restart, overheating or just overall performance drop, then I suggest you to stay away from this method for now as it will probably not work, I'm sorry, but if you do not want to damage your phone then this is the best option for you right now, wait patiently as riot may add a download for huawei users soon, if your huawei device cant handle the game at high graphics or medium graphics at the minimum, then i suggest you to wait for either another method or an official riot games announcement.
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