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Ashkan Radasa Help me How can I complete the pvp part for newbies, no matter what I do, the techniel can't help Read Note
Vx unknown error how to fix unknown error anyone? i cant play my tog because of that :( Read Note
QooApp News Tower of God: Great Journey Tier List and Reroll Guide Tower of God: Great Journey finally makes its appearance in the global mobile market! Check out this Tier List and Reroll Guide to look out for the strongest characters in-game!
Read Note Tower of God: Great Journey Tier List and Reroll Guide - QooApp Guide Whether you’re already a fan of the series or looking to get into it for the first time, this Tower of God: Great Journey Tier List will help guide you on who to look out for in the gacha pool!
Zoran Man it's still not available in my country wtf?  Read Note
Seiko Pros:
You can play the anime story
Great variety of characters to collect
Nice 2D graphic
The auto text dialogue is maybe too fast
The combat is nearly fully auto
Stingy with Summon Currency
You need exclusive ignition weapon for use character abilities.
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