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Ai Koi why cant i download the data?
Neptune If you guys still wanna play, the traditional chinese server is still up and running  Read Note
MR.AZI I forgot it's the game is closed, I was enjoying playing it 😔 Read Note
QooApp News Quantum Maki is Shutting Down on June 27 The 3D bullet hell shooter will be shutting down just 11 months after its release, nearly half a year of event reruns and old content.
Read Note news.qoo-app.com Quantum Maki is Shutting Down on June 27 - QooApp News The 3D Bullet Hell Shooter Quantum Maki is shutting down on June 27, almost 11 months exactly after it was released.
nantesrepublic the game seems have a big issue it suddenly forced stop and i will decide to uninstall the game now this game seems unplayable  Read Note


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