Axsel Francisco
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Axsel Francisco
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emma♡ hi! my name is Emma!
i love idols very much!
im canadian,music is my insperation in life, im hoping to get far in life with music and i love bunnies!

- q&a about me;
q; best girls in ll?
a; Honoka, Kotori, Nozomi, Dia and Yoshiko are my best girls! (but i love all)
q; ult kpop groups + biases?
a; ult bg; txt ult gg; Blackpink
bias- Soobin & Hueingkai. bias- Lisa.
my other favs are also;
-Astro (mj)
-straykids (jeongin)
-Exo (sehun, Chen, Baekhyun & Chanyeol)
-Bts (Jin, Jungkook, V, Jimin & Suga)
- Redvelvet (Irene & Wendy)
- Loona (chuu)
- Twice (Jihyo, Naeyeon & Momo)
- snsd (Tiffany, Taeyeon & Yoona)
- got7 (Bambam, Jackson & Jinyoung)
- seventeen (Hoshi)
- monsta x (I.M & Kihyun)
- shinee (jonghyun and onew)
- Nct (Mark, Doyoung, Lucas, Jisung & Xiaojun)
- wannaone ( Daniel & sungwoon)
- mamamoo (Moonbyul)
- Pentagon (Jinho)
-day6 (Jae)
- (G) idle (Soojin)
- momoland (Nancy)
- A.C.E (Chan)
and last but not least one of my fav groups;
nine percent; ( literally all are my favs![色色])

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