Seiko Well,that lasted long...not. So many games should be removed from gaming census. 😑 Read Note
MR.AZI well that was fun to play Read Note
Otaku Related News Trendsetting Wizard Infinity Souls Will Shut Down on December 26 Aniplex is shutting down its mobile RPG written by the creators of Nanoha on December 26. The game will have lasted for just under 6 months.
Read Note Infinity Souls Will Shut Down on December 26 - QooApp News Aniplex announced it is shutting down the mobile RPG, Infinity Souls, after a short service time of just under 6 months.
Kazuta Yamagi help seriously i need help 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Read Note
Kazuta Yamagi Discord is there a discord for Infinity Souls?  Read Note


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