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FlameDimension95 Anyone 's know about this notice? If is app ends in last day of May, how will you explain about this notice? Read Note
QooApp News Sin Chronicle is Shutting Down on May 31 Sin Chronicle announced, just a couple of days before its first anniversary that the game will be shutting down on May 31, but still has some content updates left to give.
Read Note Sin Chronicle is Shutting Down on May 31 - QooApp News Sin Chronicle, just a couple of days before its 1-year anniversary announced that it will be shutting down on May 31, but still has a few updates left in store.
Eri Hitsuki Cannot play? whats the requirements to unlock this stage Read Note
FlameDimension95 When the Collab Story begins? I quite exciting for Chain Chronicle Collab but when the most important, Event Story begins? it's already close to a month since 29th July and the game icon is still CC Collab. Read Note
Captain Laut i need an english ver can someone send me the menu / setting for this game but with an english version please Read Note


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