Haniif Muzaki
Haniif Muzaki nice game i like it Read Note
Michael Palchetti
Michael Palchetti is there someone who can help me to log in the game for the first time? maybe with a video o yt link for a not-japan person? ty Read Note
Elaine Penaojas
Elaine Penaojas nice game. i can play this with mah fwends Read Note
Nemanja Stankovic
Nemanja Stankovic I like the game a lot Read Note
Momo-chan Hi, i'm new in the game and i just need to know something abaout premium draws:
looks like some characters are always available, others come just with events ... others have a rate up time (idk if they are limited or just have better rate for some time)...
How if i want.. Sandalphon, for example?Is his event going to appear again? Maybe he can have an appearence in premium draw rate ups in future?
I play games like FGO, if it helps to explain.
i need to know if i can/should save for my favourite chars that made me play this game, pls >< Read Note


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