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QooApp News Lineage W x Berserk Collab Event is Available Now! Get the Guts Skin Card, Dragon Slayer, and more!
Read Note news.qoo-app.com Lineage W x Berserk Collab Event is Available Now! - QooApp News The Lineage w x Berserk collaboration is available now! Relive Berserk's story, and complete dimensional rift quests to get Guts' Dragonslayer, his skin card, and more!
ColdFrinzer Rock i got muted anyone faced the issue, i got muted in the chat, it was working fine before but suddenly after i did donation in blood pledge my chat got muted. Not able to chat anywhere please help Read Note
Hakuro Is this game need google ? i want to play but my phone desn't have Google (Huwei) Read Note
PaintOnBrush Lag,Delay??? am i the only one feeling the delay or same for most? Read Note


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