White Cat GOLF Notes

Nick Ann Why I cannot playing. I waiting here long time 
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Noo Dle Will it ever Will the Eva collab ever make it to the global server? I'm really liking my current record now so was just wondering if global server will also receive the collab.
Just seems kind of weird that the collab is only limited to the Japan server when the game is released as just its own version instead of having it's own exclusive japan, global release 
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Maple help where can i download jp version ? the one i download didn't have evangelion golf wear? Read Note
QooApp News Shironeko Golf Celebrates its 1st Collab Event with Evangelion from May 1 Shironeko Golf teams up with Evangelion for a special collab starting May 1, bringing Rei and Asuka in specially designed golf attire!
Read Note news.qoo-app.com Shironeko Golf Celebrates its 1st Collab Event with Evangelion from May 1 - QooApp News Shironeko Golf teams up with Evangelion for a special collaboration event, featuring Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley Shikinami in specially designed golf attire.
HanayukiMai i have enough play this! P2W! (i meet player who easy get eagle,based how far they shot,105%-110% overshot .,i can do 105% too but only with driver, and the character they used).. also, how come? 2.87m from hole ,have 93% auto put and the ball not in ? the gacha too ,not friendly.. the think i like about this game is just 1., "Easy Match to get opponent" than birdie crush  Read Note


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