Peach Boy Riverside Battle Saga Notes

SNK Spoiler alert, I was right, lmao Read Note
QooApp News Peach Boy Riverside Battle Saga Browser Game Officially Launches First Peach Boy Riverside browser game Peach Boy Riverside Battle Saga officially launches on G123 game platform!
Read Note Peach Boy Riverside Battle Saga Browser Game Officially Launches - QooApp News - QooApp Peach Boy Riverside Battle Saga browser game officially launches on G123 game platform. The game is free-to-play with in-app purchases available.
Kiya Varleta wait [怪笑][怪笑][怪笑][汗顏] Read Note
Fallen Angel mantap menunggu gamenya, setelah nonton animenya menarik Read Note
SNK This is a warning - stay away At first I was kinda excited, since I do like the manga, and the pre-air's looking alright. I took a look at the G123 platform this is supposed to be on, and I think this might be the fastest I've lost interest in something in a long time.
I'll be blunt, there is absolutely zero/0/zilch/nada/ゼロ chance of this being good; that platform is literally all just shitty browser games a'la AFK Arena or Mafia Wars, with UI and mechanics a'la League of Angels, VIP levels and all other wonders of that crappy "genre" included. Do NOT expect any quality going into this.
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