Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY | Japanese Notes

Sora and Shiroe Rerolling and linking how to reroll
1. Login through guest account 
2. after done pulling and want to reroll navigate back to title menu by reatarting game or through menus. 
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鼠尾蛆 Nice fanart :)
Artist: nishii
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鼠尾蛆 7 Mortal Sins X-Tasy Fanart (Marked NSFW just to be safe)
#SevenMortalSinsXTasy #鼠尾蛆BrowsesPixiv
Artists: 中野友和, 三三, むれちか, 真田さな, GomaQ, 竹碳, 間宮山(まみやま), haruka
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Josh Martinez Help my account button does not appear Read Note
Zam Zam Muhamad Alwi Need Help Anyone know how to clear this mission. specially for get 10 limited ticket Read Note


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