London Labyrinth Notes

Ray404 Mainscreen Translation?? I tried translating the mainscreen for people who don't understand Japanese, hope it will be useful?? Sorry if it's unclear, it's my first time doing this type of stuff and I'm no expert in japanese;; Read Note
QooApp News “London Labyrinth” Review: Solve It Like Sherlock Holmes Check out the game review of the new hidden object mobile game “London Labyrinth," which launches today on Jan 27!
Read Note [Qoo Review] “London Labyrinth” Review: Solve It Like Sherlock Holmes - QooApp If you are a fan of Japanese mystery novels, there is no way that you won’t get addicted to the hidden object game “London Labyrinth”. Check out the review!
QooApp News “London Labyrinth” Mystery x Hidden Object Game Launches on January 27 Sumzap's mystery x hidden object mobile game “London Labyrinth” will launch on January. 27!
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