Devil Butler With Black Cat | Japanese Notes

Mu Sa when is episode 4 im dying to know the rest of the story also is there a full voice acting of episode 3? Read Note
venn I can't find the subscription option I need help! I don't see the subscription option anywhere :( Is this something that unlocks only after you pass a certain threshold? I can still make normal purchases for butterfly stones tho so I'm not sure... Read Note
AbyssalHeart Ice Can someone enlight me please? I do not know how schedule works... I tried with my Google calendar but it seems it doesn't link together ... Read Note
Strawberry is there any way to play this in English? probably not but asking just in case Read Note
Akarashi Arashi 8th Event(??)//Episode 2! Main Story Episode 2 unlocks! The event is called "Ep 2: A New Aspect" and runs from 7/1 to 7/14 Read Note


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