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Octavianto Rizal Chang how to finish with carrier? please help, how to finish mission with Carrier? how to do it?
alrdy done thanks for the help
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Manganix M can anyone tell me the full size of this game ? sorry for bad english  Read Note
ERMOエルモ lookin for a good alchemy stars acc trading for this gc acc Read Note
Ong Wei Chee i want to top up I'm playing Japan server but i stay in Taiwan how do I top up, I want queen's skin so hard 🥹🥹🥹 Read Note
QooApp News Alchemy Stars' 2nd Anniversary Celebration Has Arrived! Alchemy Stars is marking its 2nd anniversary with a significant update launching on June 8. The update introduces three new Aurorian, and a time-limited story event "Ode to Lumopolis: Journey to the Past"!
Read Note Alchemy Stars' 2nd Anniversary Celebration Has Arrived! - QooApp News Alchemy Stars is marking its second anniversary with a significant update launching on June 8. The update introduces three new Aurorian, and a time-limited story event, Ode to Lumopolis: Journey to the Past, offering players exclusive rewards.


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