The Irregular at Magic High School Reloaded Memory Notes

Dmitri Petrenko Add me to exchange coin.
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STarz-Indra Neet nih game lgi ada event & banner apaan?? Read Note
SkiaDrakon You probably won't stay long.. Many people I'm seeing on here are dropping the game fairly fast. Even several people who were top 10 finishers in the arena have dropped already. Not a bad game... just not extremely fleshed out. The variety is lacking.
I have doubts that they'll keep the servers up more than a couple years unless they can add something that draws/keeps more players.
I personally will be playing for the long term, so feel free to add me for the friend coins.
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Rimuru Tempest .. info full size?  Read Note
Pandorie cho Need active players hi, add me 15664145505661 Read Note


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Mayoi is My Labs! Why? Here #GameRantsandStuff #EverythingStars Most are either disgusted or are weirded out by Mayoi however, he was, is, and will always be my favorite in Alkaloid(though in the looks department, Hiiro and Aira come close and I think Mayoi won't mind hehehe). Anyways, I mentioned before that Mayoi is someone I liked the moment I read the story and have him mention Phantom of the Opera, I was hooked. There's also the fact that he's actually [info removed due to spoilers]! Imagine that! Will wonder never cease and I am pleasantly surprised then took it as a sign that we're meant to be. Additionally, back to the part where Mayoi garners disgust and weird look from others. And it's because of his weird 'habits'. Look, we have moments where we fawn and coo at cute baby animals. Some even have the urge to bite off the fluffy and furry head of a chick or squish a cute little puppy from too much cuteness. [汗顏] Uh, no, I never had that urge before. Never. 🎶 [鬼臉] Anyways, to me, Mayoi is just like...well, me. I adore cute baby bois and I wanna pet them, hug them, take care of them and watch just watch them grow and flourish, y'know? Mayoi is mostly misunderstood since he's someone like Idia minus Ortho. Actually, it's worse because Ortho makes Idia a little more agreeable to other people and...Mayoi has no one [憋屈][憋屈][憋屈] Poor baby However, I'm very proud that he finally said something about what he does and why he does it in an impressive manner that I clapped my hands irl after reading it.
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