DuskLight i need some help I've made a huge mistake by deleting the game around it's anniversary update a long while ago and recently like now i just decided to start playing i remember linking with Google is that still a thing or did i screw up big time because i completely forgot my old ID and maybe password but i do remember the username 反乱軍 i think it was don't ask me why i choosed that name 😅

i really don't want to start fresh again Read Note
#000 Cómo les fue en el evento?
Esto es lo que yo conseguí SOLO. Read Note
Saito Hayao
Saito Hayao ID:435999424975 Read Note
Doctor Hollow
Doctor Hollow How can I farm the cash(gem i guess) in this game more faster? Read Note
#000 Justo el que quería. [哇噻] Read Note


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