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Mohamed Kh_me It lacks a lot of development I will frankly give you my opinion, and focus on what caught my attention, the positive and negative aspects, and leave my own mark.
Before starting, I want to note that this game is concerned with satisfying the young male population ... as a kind of additional service, which tries to fill some gaps and hide mistakes and make the player yearn for what is new and coming ...
✓ When entering the game, a small window will appear in which topics related to news and events directly related to Twitter ...
This is a great step taken by the game developers to keep all players fully informed of everything that is going on ...
• ❕❕❕A normal user interface with no extra features
In the front there is one character that we can see, and if we try to flip it, it will change to the second character... Nothing new
The first mistake here ... Since the user interface is very limited, the player will get bored with it 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ As a player looking for perfection, I cannot overlook this fatal mistake ... 
The solution is simple: after passing each city, we must obtain wallpapers for the user interface (with the possibility to save them in the gallery, it will be a good step). We can switch between them whenever we want. The solution is simple: after passing each city, we must obtain wallpapers for the user interface (with the possibility to save them in the gallery, it will be a good step). We can switch between them whenever we want. The possibility of change between characters is essential ... Or add us, I can add 3 characters in the interface ... 😁✌😁
We can take some ideas from this game, as they were creative and left their mark on the players ...
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Games and content making is a kind of service business ... it is the duty of developers to consult customers ... The customer is always right.😉 Show your opinion, tell the criminal, you are a criminal, and tell the righteous person, you are good ... Choos

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  • Correct your mistakes... Do not deprive us of enjoyment, it is worth playing

  • It's too late ... Skip it ... Give me another game that looks like it but without flaws

  • The game is great, it doesn't need to be modified ... The multiplayer mode is something new and wonderful

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