Nindya Octaviany Siegfried
4everAlways Oh look, Another EX Character look at this, another EX character and one of my favorites Read Note
Mint Discord Server You are welcomed to join our domain of gods chosen one
(discord server for God Of Highschool upcoming game)
Read Note OMNI G.O.H Check out the OMNI G.O.H community on Discord - hang out with 7 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.
Jidequi its a good game but game is good but a know the a new game is coming and them they stop support this one. Read Note
4everAlways Summoning strategy for f2p Are y'all gonna keep rolling for EX summon and sell a non limited 5* character stone for monthly awakening stone to max EX characters?
Or just keep rolling on seasonal event premium summons (Like Summer, Halloween, Christmas)?
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