Eunice Gayamo
Eunice Gayamo hoping that they could do an English Version of it. I am having a hard time playing it but I guess I could handle it. Very eager to play this game after seeing the PV in youtube. But it would be better if it is in English. Hopefully they could make it after the Korein Version. Read Note
Mint Nisekoi
Mint Nisekoi Ahhhhhhhhh OMG!!!
it so fast!!
round 1 He's come with me!!
Love this game Love this Event[開心][開心][開心] Read Note
Kinoshita Yukina
Kinoshita Yukina When anniversary gacha 2-B. I play 3× pulls and Fushimi doesn't come home [大哭] But at last my card from "Poison a mode" gacha is complete [大哭] Read Note
Mint Nisekoi
Mint Nisekoi Omg... They're talking... I love my ship wwwwwww
LeoItsu is so good Read Note
AsanaKyouji ...I'm So Happy![開心] Read Note


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