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Gacha Club Notes

🔥Aiko 🌊Hero Toru from hero story!!🌊
🌊Toru in gacha!! 
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🔥Aiko ❄Fuyuhiro and Leaf hero outfits!!🏵 ❄Hero outfits part 2!! 
❄Fuyuhiro with his powers of ice and snow! 
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🔥Aiko 🌲Aoi and Shino hero outfits!!🍃 🍃Hero outfits part 2! 
🍃Aoi with his powers to control plants! 
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🔥Aiko 🔥Aiko, Apple Riley and Hajime hero outfits!!🔥 🔥Hero outfits part 1! 
🔥Aiko Inferno outfit with his fire powers! 
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🔥Aiko 🏵Super hero Leaf from hero story!!🏵
🏵Leaf in gacha! 
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