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MR.AZI damnit I didn't realize the news gonna closed service, expected it's gonna close but not this fast.
gonna miss it
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QooApp News Miko Note Will Shut Down This July Miko Note Will Shut Down This July 

Read Note news.qoo-app.com Miko Note Will Shut Down This July - QooApp News Drecom announced earlier that it will be officially shutting down the SRPG Mobile game, Miko Note later in July, an exact date was not revealed.
Akbar Kautsar
A troublesome game, sometimes you can login without vpn, sometimes you must use Vpn.
For the starter player out there, what is the point playing game when you are 3 weeks left behind by other players who have a headstart.
Dropped the game, other than vpn use, it is just take too long for loading.
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Shin Gangrelion Good news: VPNs are no longer necessary. Loading times are pretty bad, though... Read Note
QooApp News Miko Note Review - Follow the Shrine Maidens to a Beautiful Adventure For those who like waifu game, Miko Note is definitely a nice addition with its beautifully executed 3D graphics and cute anime aesthetic.
Read Note news.qoo-app.com Miko Note Review - Follow Shrine Maidens to a Beautiful Adventure - QooApp Review For those who like waifu game, Miko Note is definitely a nice addition with its beautifully executed 3D graphics and cute anime aesthetic. It's combat is the usual turn-based system that found in most gacha game but yet still find its highlights.


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