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Tracey Karpas Robot Warfare: Mech Battle


A great mech game. ^-^
But it needs more game modes. So far every match i play is capture points. Need CTF, free-for-all, etc. Also, i see no way to message anyone or make friends.
I love game but we need more game modes.
Gabriel Owo Robot Warfare: Mech Battle


Es un muy buen juego de mechas cooperativo, los diseños de los mechas son increíblemente geniales al igual que sus habilidades y el diseño de las armas [色色]
Juako Robot Warfare: Mech Battle


Much better than War Robots, they give you robots when you level up and it's decent, sometimes unfair but you can beat the people who pay to win but to wait for the weapons or robot to improve it costs a lot of time. =͟͟͞͞( •̀д•́)
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