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ROBERT.E.O SPEEDWAGON Arknights | English


[If your unit almost died you can retreat it for recycled points]
for those who weren't prepared for the game
the trick for rerolling is
Play the game until map 01 ---->surrender to avoid wasting time then proceed to claim gift and gacha
if you don't like the guaranteed 6 star just overwrite
By clear arknights Data then proceed to Google settings--->ads--->reset advertising ID
THE good 6 star are (silver ash ,siege and Exusiai).
After getting the above don't claim you pre reg 5 star ticket yet.
do a 10x roll first for something that you want so your early team spread out better.
Because the game punish you for stacking level on one unit and having too much of the same attribute so better make your team diverse so you don't get hardlock at the start
Then for the pre register 5 star
It offer you 4 operator which is
Red project (spamable redeployment=good bait fodder)
Silence (fast healer and can accelerate other healer )
Liskarm (tank+stun)
Pramanix (high Dmg magic in general)
Pick one that you lack after doing the 10x pull because everyone on the list is good T1
Anyway Goodluck on the search and happy hunting
P.S game better than girl front line [怪笑]
Đỗ Minh Anh Arknights | English


play the game since day 0 it is a great game,but the more you play ,the more repetive it become and from chapter 5 onward and especially the CC event,the game it rather p2w to say the least.

unlike in GFL where you can be completely f2p and still clear every content and compete with other in rankand expect to come out on top,in A9 you cannot clear every single content in the game witout paying or being extremely lucky and get all requried 6* unit,and even then you still probally dont have enough time to get the require mat to upgrade your skill/promotion

after a while the game basically become a grinding simulator and the stamina system with snail pace recovery,time-limited recovery item,gacha material mostly gain by doing daily/weakly quest basically slave you to the game,unlike GFL,AL or even FGO which let you chose to play whenever you feel like to
the gameplay also isnt as big brain as people said,high tier unit just laugh at this game while the lower ones are basically unuseable somewhere late chapter 5.latter on they just straight up add 6* op who is basically an upgrade of low star and most of the time,they are required to clear content,you have to relentlessly chase the meta,keep rolling to get the new meta units best exp for this are epsilon,phantom,...

also the story after the first few chapter is very bland,the plot is good but the writting suck,dialoge is not well though out,character interactions are also lacking and dull,personality is almost non-exsist for most character
edit:server conection is terrible too,and you have to log in again whenever you have shitty conection

also almost forgot this:arknight fanboi is the absolute worst their toxicity dwarf that of the FGO fan in the early day,the Chinese dupe them as the "Arkguard" to show their absolute obsesion with the game,they would go around harrash dev,artist,...of other game.the breaking point is when they said "Azur Lane is a whore to feed money for Arknight".

Edit:Toxic is a understatement,best way to descripe AK fandom is Fortnite kid but x10 worse

EDIT 9/4: AK fandom has became utter trash,in case you dont know,Azur Lane recently has to shut down in CN,it was because Arknight fandom namely the ZWB aka the aformention Arkguard have continously reported Azur Lane to the Chinese goverment,thank to their petty supeority sense the entire industry is at risk,literally every game in CN is at risk of shutting down thank to them
Gabe Newell Arknights | English


pagi jadi commander
siang jadi shikikan
sore jadi doctor
malem jadi Master
indahnya hidup penuh gacha
Ciellova Arknights | English


ĐậuXanh Arknights | English


Okaeri ~ Doctor ~[開心]
スパーライス Arknights | English


I've been playing arknights since the game launched and kinda fell into it. its ok f2p, like you can get orundum 3k perweek for gacha, its like 20 pulls for f2p player in a month + awesome events.

my personal review

Gameplay : Gameplay is amazing, for those who love tactics game, tower defense, gacha system and waifu character, this is your place ( they have cool ikemen though like silverA*s ).
My iQ kinda low can i still play this game ? yes, theres some tips and walkthrough in youtu*e if you have low iq :>

*im not gonna talk about Sanity (Energy in-game) in here though.* *also with *6 gacha percentage*

Voice line Character/Soundtrack : you will love them, trust me.

Storyline : Perfect, cant ask more about it. feelsbad some of player skip it, i doesnt mind though they have their own reason.

Overall the game is amazing, i dont know if theres a people out there saying the game is bad and suck just because they didnt get Operator that they want in current banner, *cough* *cough* newbie gacha-ers* (i didnt get corona though, well stay safe out there)

if you love the game please show them support by reviewing the game or buy the monthly benefit in-game for 5$ (・–・;)ゞ(f*ck off you're not f2p player because you buy the monthly pack. well i buy it because i want to support the game dev, i even didnt buy it every month.)

the monthly package is really worth it, not just you get 60 Sanity package per day but with Orundum 200 perday for 30 days.
BromShotgun Arknights | English


Let me in! Let me in бл*ть!
Loneddman Arknights | English


Уныние в чистом виде. Слишком скучный геймплей. Кто-то пишет про графику.... Ничего прямо красивого не увидел, среднячок не более того. (Возможно ТД не мой жанр) . Музыку отключил сразу как услышал пару "треков". История настолько " интересная", что мне похуй стало на 2 минуте разговора.
SlokaiWorshipper Arknights | English


Decided to give this a try, went on playing it for 5 months straight and sank around $200 on it. Log in everyday, doing daily, doing weekly, running annihilation -> farming originite, spent some dollar bucks -> agonizing over the gacha -> rinse and repeat.

Did I regret everything? No, I did enjoy my time with the game. But I did decide to finally put dơwn this game at the mid of summer event.

Now the review, graphic-wise it is cute and pleasant to look at. The UI is crisp and clean. The chibis are nice and all but it did surprise me at the first time because I am not a fan. Though after giving it more time, the graphic did grow inside me. Nothing much to say about the arts, very beautiful, superb; just look at the abundance of fanworks on pixiv and you know what I am talking.

Gameplay, your trategic tower defense game. Easy to learn but hard to master with its abudance of characters, unique abilities and "pause button". Then again, it is up to you to create your very best strategies to beat the stages, especially on hard difficulty and challenges. Beside, you have a very big dorm to manage which will help you with farming and upgrade materials. And Yes, please give my thanks to the auto system, without it the game would be a chore.

Story? alot of potential with rich lores, yet failed to deliver many aspects due to the subpar writings and questionable dialogues. However, I did enjoy a portion if it, sometime it even tried to pose a philosophical question on wars and morality, a breath of fresh air but left many rooms to be desired. Another aspect I felt lackluster would be the casts themselves. Without proper side stories for them, each character felt as if they were just there for the sake of waifus and husbando. However, at the point of this review, I heard the game did make alot of improvement in the story aspect, which is good thing and I am rooting for the consistency in the quality.

Music? very good, many catchy songs, high quality production. Lungmen Battle was indeed an adrenaline-inducing song fueling you through the nightmare of annihilation 3.

Gacha? ok rates, you have pity system that will carry over to the next banner you decide to roll for. In my experience, I would consider this feature as a double-edged sword. On one hand, you can get shafted and come back with your desire characters. And on the other hand, you will get spooked by dupes at the expense of entire your karma. Becareful for what you are rolling.

Why did I decide to stop playing the game? Well I did got salty over Schwarz whom I spent around 70 rolls and only got 2 ifrit dupes. Secondly, the very core design of the heart surging flame event turned me off completely or maybe I just felt salty. Anyway, I did comeback for the CC, great event encouraging you to push the difficulty further and further. Again, I failed to get another best gurl, Blaze.

Well enough with my ranting. In conlusion, arknight is a great side game with beautiful artworks, engaging gameplay that encourages you to replay with different strategies. If you have not played it already, please give it a try because it is definitely worth your time.

Edit: Finally got both Nian and Blaze, guess I am back!!!
Sr.Sun Arknights | English


No me arrepiento de haberlo instalado.

No me gustan mucho los juegos estilo tower defend pero lo instale por que me gustaron las imágenes de la UI. ●︿●

Amigable con los F2P sencillo de conseguir personajes 5 estrallas, quizas un poco mas dificil los 6 estrellas pero nada de otro mundo.
Todos los personajes tienen su propia utilidad es muy raro que vayas a 2 dung distintos con la misma escudra de personajes.
Cada personaje tiene su propia historia y personalidad.
Si eres de los que no les gusta terminar un dung con 2 de 3 estrellas como yo deberas darte paciencia y pensar tu estrategia, hay veces que reinició alrededor de 5 o más un dung para entender bien que puedo hacer para que ningún bicho pase. ;-;
La UI...La UI fue lo que me hizo querer jugarlo se veia todo tan limpio que lo quería probar, es tan hermosa realmente de las mejores que vi en juegos.(Obviamente para mi gusto)

Esta es la opinión de alguien a quien no le atraen los tower defend:
Vale la pena realmente? Vale cada maldito segundo(?)
Fuera de broma, realmente jugarlo y dedicarle un tiempo no te decepcionará. (っ・﹏ •)っ
David Lim Arknights | English


make it avaible in play store indonesia(asia?) please
Mirei Ko Arknights | English


Pretty mediocre gameplay, nothing really noteworthy.
Girls are cute, art styles nice, UI is smooth and well designed, but the actual gameplay just ruins the game, for me at least.
I'm sure theres a lot of people that will overhype the hell out of it, but its more or less one of those "Play it and decide if it's for you" type of games.
Storyline I left N/A as it didn't pull me in, so wouldn't be fair to rate that side of the game.
Anime Lover Arknights | English


A good storyline with simple gameplay but requires the right strategy and pleasant character voices and cute chibi characters so you don't get bored easily playing this game. overall it's great.
Ryuubii Arknights | English


To start of, Arknights is a game that has a tower defense system, add in gacha, grinding and a bit of base management. They mixed it well and below is my thoughts.

First off, the fact that the characters are all in anime style is already good for me. But still, their CGs are great, nice arts for the characters(with some of them being drawn by well known web artists), and home screen also looks nice with the atypical look, although there might be some who feel awkward towards it.

Next is sound, or I guess music. What can I say about this? Their OSTs are great, I even used the store OST as my ringtone. Home screen music gives that peaceful feeling, very nice, and etcetera. As for the character voice, I am not an expert in this field, but even though the storyline gets no voice, I still give it my like since they all sound really nice and seems to fit in character.

Gameplay, the game is mainly tower defense, which is how the fight works. If you find it too difficult and play more for the waifu and husbandos, worry not, YouTube has all the guides you need, just grind a bit and you will get strong enough in no time. Furthermore, your free units given during tutorial are usually good enough to get through most of the contents, personally, I only have one 6* that I received from the guarenteed 6* beginner gacha. Farming is also made a bit easier with the auto deploy function, although it could occasionally fail.
The gacha is also not bad. It has two systems, recruit and headhunt. Headhunt is basically your typical gacha with tickets and gacha currency. By the way, you can farm for more or less 2000 gacha currency each week, and 10 draws costs 6000 of the gacha currency, so you do not really have to whale unless you really want someone or feeling desperate. As for headhunt, it is like the recruit system in AzurLane and GirlsFrontline, but there is a tag system where you can only get 6* Operator with the Top Operator tag. Otherwise, you will only get a chance of getting 5* and lower operators. More explanation will take too much space, so try searching for newbie guide in YT for more info.
Lastly about gameplay, there is the base. At first, micro managing it feels annoying, but as you go on, it would not feel like much. Since I might take too mucb time explaining, I will skip this too.

Lastly, storyline. Most people in the game are animal girls or guys. A unique theme, yeah? But that is not all, the story has depth, each character has a story behind them, not told quite explicitly, but still there nonetheless. The world also has an interesting background, but to stop myself from spoiling, I will stop at saying, Amiya is a donkey(not, she is a rabbit, this is confirmed, further donkey jokes are memes)

Overall, Arknights is a nice game, has several unique and interesting points, not too gacha heavy, and not too grind heavy. This game feels more like something you do casually unless you decide to use money. As long as the game does not come to a stand still, I will most likely keep on playing.
Dangedo Arknights | English


Se você já jogou algum tower defence antes, principalmente pokemon tower defence e gostou, você vai agorar esse jogo, ele pega o gênero e desconstrói ele, fazendo o mesmo, mas totalmente diferente, tendo varias classes e cada operator da mesma classe pode ser totalmente diferente em função.
Nos combates, tu tem que planejar uma boa estratégia visando usar classes diferentes e momentos certos para colocar cada operator, além de que se achar que não esta tendo sorte e não tiver tirando muitos operators 5*/6*, tu consegue ir longe na história só upando os op. 3* e alguns tendem a ser mais úteis em certas ocasiões do que os de raridade maior.
Os personagens em combate são chibis, então talvez você não goste tanto, mas fora de combate, a arte deles são lindas, mudando as ilustrações dos +4* quando atingem a o terceiro estágio.
O gacha é razoável, na sua primeira vez que rodar no primeiro banner, você vai conseguir um 6* garantido, mas sem reroll, tendo que reinstalar o jogo pra tentar de novo e nos primeiros 10 single ou 1 multi de um banner, vem um 5* garantido, então pode se dizer que se estiver com medo de não conseguir nada, só espere pelo proximo banner chegar e rode nele além que tem sistema de pitty, onde depois de 50 rolls, vem um 6* garantido.
Eu não li a história, então não posso opinar, porém li o background de alguns personagens e são muito bem desenvolvidos, então tudo tende a me dizer q a história principal também é boa.
Blcak Tiger Arknights | English


Riot Arknights | English


Mukatte kuru no ka?
Nigezu ni kono KROOS ni chikazuite kuru no ka?
Hohoo dewa juubun chikazuiteiku
Ulalawaifux Arknights | English


This just boring, just to simple even 6✩ doesnt have anything special attack animation. Plus this game is about 1gb + so why is the gameplay to plain so i think it wasnt worth downloading it. story is ok and also the sound.i also dont like the Character design .6✩ should have special design and att animation since they are harder to get. Enemies are almost the same its not creative so i really think its boring since its plain and kinda repetitive .p.s i played already throgh ep. 5.
Василий Кенов Arknights | English


-Добрый день, дорогой игрок, вы обратились в службу поддержки.
-Салам алейкум, нерусь японская.
-Шепчет *Такахаши, к нам обратился еще один русский*.
-Также шепотом *Минори, нам опять сейчас вставят длинный русский хер в уши, так что терпи, ты же из службы поддержки*.
-Слышьте, дауны, вы где?
-Почему у меня не выпадают норм персы, я играл в Fate:GO, поверьте мне на слово, я вас сейчас могу такими матами покрыть, что вас увезут на скорой сразу на кладбище.
-Но это же гача в коро....
-Цыц, бля, я знаю, что это гача в коробке, но это не повод того, что мне за полторы недели усиленной игры не выпало ни одного 5* героя
-Вы просто невезучий.
-Слышь, ты сам то понял, что спизданул? Я за такие слова тебе лицо проведу по артам 2* героев.
-Успокойтесь, пожалуйста.
-Слышь, ты меня лучше не зли, понял, хуйло японское?
-Вы не имеете права меня оскорблять.
-Ты долбаеб? Я тебя спрашиваю, где мои герои? Я потратил нв эту гачу 68 часов игры, я не спал 44 часа подряд. ГДЕ БЛЯТЬ МОИ ГЕРОИ?!??!
-Извините, мы только что рассмотрели ваш случай, случился крайне неприятный баг, в следующих ролах вам обязательно повезет.
-Я прошу прощения.
-У бога прощения проси, а я тебе лицо разобью и ты будешь свободен.
-Ждите меня через 2 месяца около вашей компании.

*Спустя 2 месяца произошел теракт. Некто гражданин Кенов проникнул на территорию компании, разработавшей игру "Arknights", и устроил массовую раздачу дакимакур в которых находились бомбочки с краской. В данный момент преступника разыскивают все службы мира.
Особые приметы: больной на голову аутист, откликается на просьбу "Горе - писака"*.
Hildryn Arknights | English


Very disappointed at the new event [Ceobe's Fungi Mist]
I'm not talking about the gameplay or the storyline or anything else but the lobby theme.
It somehow sounds very sexual and distracted. My girlfriend says it makes her horny and want to have sex. So because of that, every time I try to play the event, 10 seconds later I see myself banging my girlfriend. Can't event get pass the first floor without having my dick sucked to dry.
Anyway nice event, 10/10 would play again.


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