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daendeles Maid Girlfriend | Japanese


wadoo jiwa jones qu bergejolak
Yoshua Arianto Maid Girlfriend | Japanese


So far i got 4 good ending and because of ocd i tried to get all the ending but i ended up only getting 1 bad ending because the second one I'm about to get was really traumatic for my heart so i just left it right there [汗顏]

The game's story was pretty interesting for me, there's drama and romance there. The only problem i have was there is no save files, trying to get a different ending without save files was really a pain for me (for anyone who wants to complete all ending : I discovered that if you quit during the important choices cutscenes, notably the last one at 1200 affection mark, you should be able to go back from the start of the cutscenes and try out different answers). And it seems that the player's choices except for the last cutscenes hardly affect the story, so that's quite unfortunate. Other than that i have no complain, the story does a good job on developing player's relationship with Airi/Iri. I'm satisfied and also uneasy about that one bad ending.
Adancito1025vrd M Maid Girlfriend | Japanese


en español porfavor
Alexis Nicolas Maid Girlfriend | Japanese


Lo único que podría pedir, es minimo su traducción al inglés.

(Y que los costumes no sean tan caros...)
Zirxoz Maid Girlfriend | Japanese


Rudi Hendro Maid Girlfriend | Japanese


why do you know my fetish.
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