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seandm Super Robot Wars DD | Traditional Chinese


If you've never heard of SRW, this game might not be for you.
If you want easy games, this game isn't for you.

I'll be honest, DD is extremely difficult for f2p to see end game as it takes a long time to build up a good roster to clear end game, even if you know exactly what you are doing.

I have played for almost 1 year. In the first three months, I've thought about quitting many times because you simply hit a hard wall, a very hard one more than any gacha games I played in the past 9 years. I chose to stick around and over time, the closer I was able to get to end game, the game became more fun.

As you build up your team over time, the strategies become more complex and you start having multiple approaches to clear end game. Because the game is hard, you get a much bigger thrill when you clear end difficult contents.

If you're a patient but serious fan, you won't be disappointed. I do not recommend to casual players, those who want quick wins, or non SRW fans
ArthurJunJie467 Super Robot Wars DD | Traditional Chinese


Leo Lionhart Super Robot Wars DD | Traditional Chinese


(Updated with new feature & additional note)
This game doesn't even deserve my standard review format...just look at the number of followers...it's a game by Bandai, none of its other games has such a low number of followers on Qoo's platform (I know, there actually are games with lower number of followers, some of them are unavailable too).

The number doesn't lie...it's bad, so bad...SRW franchise doesn't deserve this kind of trash-level overhaul rework to throw its brand into the dumpster. But they managed to do it anyway. I guess that's why they call it: Brand Dies. They are killing it!

Man, my pun is a sick burn...
One more before I go:
I guess you can say - ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST!

Difficulty according to progress:
Early Game - What a huge bummer
Mid Game - It's a perfect shit storm
Late Game - Everybody hurts~~~!
End Game - Please kill me...

Time consumption:
Smartphone-based Console Game Tier.
This is going to drain your phone battery and your time. It will take more than an hour daily to get everything done in a proper manner. If you don't have that much time, even as a hardcore SRW fan like myself who played and ownrd almost every single generation of SRW series, I still don't recommend it.

Most of the comments are made by hardcore SRW fans, yet most have complaints and none gave this game a perfect score. It shows you how much the community is struggling, whether to float or sink with it.
zXAV93ROXz Super Robot Wars DD | Traditional Chinese


Trash Game i wouldn't even want this games have English as this is the most shitiest game i ever play.
rowandy tanair Super Robot Wars DD | Traditional Chinese


the most shit and garbage game evers... i hope devs who make this rng game all die and eternal in hell
rowandy tanz Super Robot Wars DD | Traditional Chinese


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