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NecroCatz Rotaeno


What? Who thought this idea that combining gyroscope and a rhyhtm game would be good? THEY'RE TOTALLY RIGHT!

Gameplay appearance-wise its not something very new but the gyroscope aspect really bring in fresh experience —if not making people look at you for spinning your device like crazy in higher difficulty songs [汗顏]

Notes are pretty straightforward, tap notes, long notes, flick notes, with some 'catch notes' that you don't required to tap on it but you must let it land on the designated area by rotating your phone. But the most fun part is the rotating note where you must tilt your phone clockwise or ccw, they make it on purpose even as far as making multiple sfx for it to choose, with most being long and satisfying to hear and some with simpler sfx if you wanna cut the fancy sfx.

Song collection still small for now, 23 + 1 free songs unlockable through story mode and levelling up. 12 more songs from shop as packs (around 5 bucks per pack, 6 songs in each). Ranging from japanese, chinese, to korean songs, I won't doubt their song picks. Expect more free songs in future update, still hoping for an all pass purchase like muse dash lol since they was the publisher but lets not put high expectations.

Graphic wise is pretty good, visual sfx looking pretty good amd satisfying to see, can adjust the size to be very big for whatever reason or very small if you find it disctracting. Multiple note style type too, also customizable size. You can set the notes to be 3D (coming off as small and get bigger when get closer to the judgement circle) or 2D (move as it is from center to the side).

Overall a very refreshing rhythm game with unique concept. Might be confusing to play at first but will become pretty addictive gameplay. They had some pretty wide options for the gyroscope preferences too depending on what situations you gonna play, too bad there is no sensitivity setting yet as for v.1.0.3. Toyally worth the price, if you have a thing for rhythm game this game definitely a must try.

Oh, size is only around 770mb in v.1.0.3 if anybody wondering.
And it's playable offline.
Stephen Hawking Rotaeno



Arcaea: potential 11.30
Rotaeno: rating 15.2
感覺較新手友善, perfect判定輕鬆簡單,沒有轉蛋向音遊中common的判定不良 (eg: D4DJ etc)

perfect+比較接近其他遊戲的perfect(arcaea 的pure), 而perfect則比較接近其他遊戲的great

In short,這遊戲的平常手殘的人比較友善,且all perfect難度也比較低( 譜比其他音遊短)

新手: 4.5/5 (轉圈可能要比較多時間適應)
老手: 4.5/5 (同上,玩arcaea的可能要適應flick)
畫面: 5/5
音樂: 5/5 (HyuN很正)
故事: 4.5/5 (百合香爆)
價格: 5/5 (5USD/40HKD/160TWD ->6首,比deemo2 的10USD -> 6首便宜1倍)
手感: 5/5 (感覺比deemo2好很多,比arcaea要輕鬆

總評: 5/5 (›´ω`‹ )
Stale Bread Rotaeno


chris said he worked on this game for the past 6+ years according to his Twitter. and my god, it is beautiful to be finally released after being delayed many times. this is the greatest mobile rhythm game I've ever played. idk what else to say. this game is just good. Rotaeno is just so good.
JTR 1st Rotaeno


another rhythm game using unique mechanic. perfect for thumb player. its's little bit hard for tab player but still possible. the game is still new so don't expect to have very large songpick like other have.
Nekomiyaaa Rotaeno


A special rythm game that requires you to use your phone, not your tablet.
Nqu Rotaeno


Graphics: Beautiful background art along with several quite cute character arts, I personally like it a lot! [色色]

Sound:Though normally I don't listen the
type of the songs this game mostly features, they just feel like they belong in this game. Some songs are smoothing yet at times give a hint of chaos like the ocean, just perfect for the atmosphere.

Gameplay: This game uses gyroscope which was weird to get a hold of at first, but once I got more used to it, I realized how brilliant this feature truly is. You need to play it yourself and see if you like it or not, since it probably depends on a person, but one thing for sure, it certainly is very unique.

Storyline: Pretty meh story, it's about a girl moving out from her home planet mostly to search for her best friend who she lost contact with some time ago. She sets off on a journey to other planets. Generally speaking pretty wholesome and lighthearted story which might make you chuckle a couple times, nothing special tho.

Value:In my opinion, it's a must play if you're into rhythm games, now that I think about it, it actually might even be a nice game to start if you never played rhythm games, but want to try them out.

TL;DR: Overall one of the best mobile rhythm games with unique gyroscope feature, a must try in my opinion.
oHsK Rotaeno


Rotaeno (โรเทโน่)
เกม rhythm ที่แหวกแนวด้วยการหยิบ concept ของการ "หมุน" มาใช้ในเกม สัมผัสแรกอาจจะดูยาก แต่หากเข้าใจในตัวเกมจะเริ่มสนุกจนถึงขั้นติดเกมนี้

เนื้อเรื่องว่าด้วย ilot (อิล็อต) เด็กสาวที่อาศัยอยู่ในเมือง Aquaria (อควาเรีย) เมืองที่เทคโนโลยีนั้นล้ำสมัยแต่กลับมี "สายฝน" ที่ไม่เคยหยุดตก วันหนึ่งเด็กสาวได้รับแจ้งเตือนจาก ai ของเธอว่าน้ำจะท่วม เธอจึงรีบไปที่ spacepot เพื่อรีบย้ายไปดวงดาวอื่น พร้อมรีบไปหา hoppe (โฮปป้า) เพื่อนสนิท ที่นางเองก็ย้ายไปที่ดาวสักดวงแต่กลับที่ไม่ได้บอก ilot ว่าไปดาวดวงไหน

ด้วยความที่เกมนั้นพัฒนาต่อเนื่องมานาน 6 ปี เราจึงได้เห็นความเอาใส่ใจในตัวเกมมาก ทุกอย่างถูกขัดเกลาด้วยความรัก หากใครมีเงินเหลือสัก 100 บาท ก็อยากจะให้ลองหยิบเกมมาลองเล่นดู

ตัวเกมมีเพลงสำหรับ main story ในตอนนี้ประมาณ 25 เพลง++ และจะเพิ่มไปอีกในอนาคต อีกทั้งยังมีแพ็คเพลงพิเศษให้ปลดในราคาแพ็คละ 150 บาท

เป็นเกมที่สนุกด้วยการกดจังหวะละหมุนหน้าจอ แม้คอนเทนต์ในตอนนี้จะยังมีน้อยเพราะเกมเปิด แต่ในอนาคตรับรองว่ามีอีกเพียบ ถึงจะซื้อแต่ตัวเกมและไม่ซื้อแพ็คเพลงเพิ่มก็ยังคุ้ม
Shokuato Rotaeno


Très bon jeu avec un très bon concept, super agréable à jouer bien qu'un peu dur à contrôler au début.
JP Genova Rotaeno


+ Neat UI and graphics
+ Understandable game mechanics
+ Exciting gameplay
+ Roughly 97% of song selection are excellent!
+ Great stories
+ Accelerometer for low-end phones

- Make challenge mode and mirror mode a thing.
- Add a "Favorite" tab so that I don't have to move from one song pack to another often.
- Add different ways to link accounts so I could load my data on a different device faster and to not end up reseting my passcode from a decade from now.

Overall, an excellent rhythm game, would highly recommend playing!
『AidanRiz』 Game Hunter Rotaeno


Rhythm game with very unique gameplay and is super fun![開心]
Frussell Rotaeno


The gameplay is cool and interesting cause it's different from most rythm games.
Story is okay but I'm not really interested.
The songs is good and has variety of languages.
I honestly enjoyed playing this game.
falsed0g Rotaeno


I just started playing and haven't unlocked the story or anything, but this is maybe the coolest rhythm game I have ever played? It is extremely challenging and fun and immersive. Also really pretty. Unfortunately, it gives me motion sickness so I'm not sure if I'll be able to play longterm but I'm going to try... So basically, if you get motion sickness easily be careful- but it is an incredible game so far.
WOrstHero Rotaeno


a very unique play style, good music, still not many song right now but hope more will come in the future
チイムエル Rotaeno


I love the rotating rhythm game
xuanjae Rotaeno


Gameplay is super unique and awesome ^^ it's really fun to play
ARiA Rotaeno


pretty dope if I might say.
エレナ Rotaeno


Awesome game[害羞]
C12H6O12 Rotaeno


Superb [開心]


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