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AlyneM Cat Game - The Cats Collector!


I thought it was going to be just another Neko Atsume after so many games copying it. But I was wrong, pleasantly so. It's actually very different. Though it may also be a cat collecting game, the mechanics and how they're collected is completely different. It's just disappointing that the cats don't interact much.

It may seem slow at the start but keep playing. Most of the other features starts to unlock at level 5. Before that however, they're invisible. Keep that in mind before you immediately think it's boring. It'll be great unlocked features if you're the competitive type.
It's a little p2w. The ranking system is based on number of cats so it doesn't really take away any fun from the game if you stay as free to play.

It even has mini games to play so you can earn more money. You don't have to rely on ads all the time. They're quite refined too. They're similar to casual games you'd see here and there in the app stores.

It's pleasant game to have and I'm glad I gave it a try.
Aldyn Lightsey Cat Game - The Cats Collector!


Muffin Kittin Cat Game - The Cats Collector!


love this!
Darknyan 971 Cat Game - The Cats Collector!


Amnesiac 17 Cat Game - The Cats Collector!


The concept of the game is very cute. I dislike the pixelated graphics of the text and some of the windows, looks weird. There are also some bothersome typos. They looks like this: " I '!&ve never seen so much food in my life!" Other than that, I'm enjoying this game so far. I hope these will be changed soon.
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