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Miguel Irlandez Harbingers - Epic Spaceship War


OMG! it's finally here!
Did play this on Play store and got to say, don't get fooled by the 30 free gacha at the beginning and events, its a P2W game.. you got to pay with diamonds to increase your damage % on the world boss, literally.
The story is boring, and so are the PVE & PVP.
Tried to like the game and gave it a go for 1 month sadly can't really get to their game system.
Don't waste your time go watch some YT vids of the game before triying.
There are many awesome game out there, this is not one of the must play game but feel free to give it a try you might be one of the 5% of the people who find this entertaining😅
chef-escarlata13 Harbingers - Epic Spaceship War


es bueno para pasar el rato y es bastante imtereasante la historia .
Huỳnh Chí Tâm Harbingers - Epic Spaceship War


Good game with big boop
Pupuh Cangga Iyasa Harbingers - Epic Spaceship War


sguizzooo Harbingers - Epic Spaceship War


-the game text is nice, it looks like persona's but that's it.
-the character design is nice but not amazing.
-there is no gameplay at all, just autoplay.
-the story is generic and not that interesting and at like chapter 3 or 4 it completely disappears, no more story, no plot, just auto battles from there on.
-team building relies a lot on synergies between characters and on their exclusive weapons, both RNG gacha locked with no way to control what you get so you'll end up with characters without their weapons and weapons without their character and probably without a way to build the team you'd like to unless you get extremely lucky, then you'll be forced to wait for... no idea, dailies or something hoping to get enough crystals to pull from gacha hoping in turn to get something useful to help you get unstuck in your progression.

and that's it, play it if you don't mind waiting or think you'll get a series of really lucky pulls or if you want to spend money on it, otherwise don't.
ศุภรัตน์ ประไพศรี Harbingers - Epic Spaceship War


MẫnTiệp Harbingers - Epic Spaceship War


you have to pay to enable reset function and when i tried to unbind my account it kept saying that this function is unavailable [為什麼]
sure it's a good game, but still, not good enough to spend money on _(:3 」∠ )_
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