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Michael Ishibashi Game Of Thrones Winter is Coming | Simplified Chinese


This game has exceptionally impressive graphics for a mobile game! It is fully 3D for most parts, with painted character portraits during conversations.

In the game, you get to build your own kingdom and manage resources so that you can conquer other players' kingdoms and keep expanding. You can also roll for unique soldiers to use in PVP army battles, including characters from the show. And yes, they did get the actors and actresses' likenesses! (I got an A rank Jon Snow for my free roll, so I'm happy!)

And I was also surprised that all of the cutscenes are fully voiced in Chinese and that there are high quality CGI cutscenes as well!

The only big downside is that you have to wait real time to build army units and upgrade your different buildings. But! You can collect tokens that can be used to speed up the process. And you can get them every 10+ minutes. (You just have to tap the treasure chest icon on the right side of the screen!)
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