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Dante Cotton ArkResona


The game is not that bad once you get through the lame prologue tutorial. The Live-2D is very well done and the voice acting during the puzzle battles is very good. However, the game should be voiced during the story mode. I find myself reading the dialogue aloud to myself to keep from skipping the story (which I did skip some parts of. ) Overall, not bad for a puzzle RPG, but im expecting more in the future if the game survives. Oh yeah, and aside from the opening 4-star character select option, the game is kind of stingy with giving anything good. This is one of those games where you need to grind to build your characters if you don't plan to spend any real money.
Raccoon Ch Top Contributor ArkResona


📌 ปักหมุด จ้า
เกมมาใหม่คนไทยมารวมกันรีวิวนี้ เพื่อนๆคนไหนติดปัญหาตรงไหน
เม้นช่วยเหลือกันได้เต็มที่ครับ 😘

📍 สำหรับรีวิวของ Raccoon
NEXON เป็นอีกผู้พัฒนาที่ได้สร้าง เกมสนุกๆ ออกมาให้พวกเราได้เล่นกันอย่างสม่ำเสมอ
สำหรับเกมนี้ Ark Resona เป็นอีกหนึ่งเกมที่มีรูปแบบการเล่นเป็นแบบพัซเซิล
(puzzle)… หรือเรียกง่ายๆ เกมเรียงสีเพชรให้ตรงกัน นั่นเอง
แต่เกมนี้กลับเป็นที่จับตามองด้วยธีมเกมที่ดูเป็น อนิเมะ สำหรับคนที่คิดว่าจะเป็นเกมเรียงเพชร ธรรมดาบอกเลยว่ามันสุดยอดกว่านั้น
เพราะเกมนี้จะมีฮีโร่ของเราด้วยซึ่งจะถนัดในสีต่างๆ กันนอกจากนี้ยังอัพเกรดตัวละคร
ธาตุ ได้อีกด้วย แต่ข้อเสียเกมนี้ยังจำเป็นจะต้องใช้ VPN ในการเล่นอยู่


Raccoon Ch สามารถกดติดตาม และกด
like เป็นกำลังใจให้ด้วยนะครับ😆
Michael Ishibashi ArkResona


So out the gate, I'm not using a VPN and am able to play this game without any problems. The only downside I've run into so far, is that the loading screens are a bit long. And the first time I ran the game, the update was really long (I think it was like 15 minutes on WiFi.)
But that aside, the game has really nice animation and character design. The overall presentation of the game is well done with beautiful graphics and a catchy soundtrack. The game itself is a match-em-up, with your characters dealing damage to enemies based on how many tiles you can match. So it's some good solid fun, made better by its graphics!
Rei Tomugen ArkResona


Fyi to all been asking, the game need a japanese sim card so goodluck by pass that. On a hindsight it might be a good thing, its a nexon game you dont actually miss anything but an unsatiable hunger for your cash
Ega Tesla Lindocruz ArkResona


even vpn u still cant play[不滿]
John Knight ArkResona


pretty decent game yet the loading between screens is horribly slow. you can play with vpn. i live in US east coast and have played it for 3 to 5 days. however the loading between screens is such a nuisance i've deleted the app.
Fabio Sayegh ArkResona


ArkResona é um RPG publicado pela Nexon, que lembra bastante os clássicos jogos Gacha, mas com um toque de modernidade.
O comentário que nunca falta em um jogo Gacha é que ele só pode ser tão interessante quanto os personagens que se coleciona. Antes de entrar em detalhes sobre os personagens, gostaria de deixar claro que as animações são feitas de maneira maravilhosa, tanto as de ataque quanto as de personagem (os personagens podem ser vistos, alguns em modo tela cheia), o que leva o design de personagem ao extremo. Os personagens tem designs interessantes e a execução infâncialível faz com que você possa apreciar cada detalhe de maneira extremamente satisfatória!
O combate é bem diferente de um RPG clássico, no entanto: o seu grupo de 4 personagens batalha através de um sistema de combinar pedras coloridas. Quanto mais pedras juntas da mesma cor, mais forte o ataque. Se a cor das pedras for a mesma cor do personagem que está sendo usado, mais forte ainda. Pedras rosas recuperam vida. Após combinar as pedras coloridas para cada um dos 4 personagens, eles tomas as ações correspondentes. Simples, não?
Mas mesmo sendo simples, o jogo acaba sendo bem divertido.
Também tem um modo automático e velocidade x2, como a maioria dos jogos mobile deste estilo, pra facilitar um pouco a vida…

Mesmo estando em Japonês o jogo até que vale a pena!
Lu Cas ArkResona


dead game
Lilia ArkResona


3 days in and I can’t still play the fking game. Fix your game Nexon.
Vox Capitalis ArkResona


Very strict region block, but very nice puzzle game if you can access. *Currently*, 0 pressure to spend $$ (lots of free units, can select any char to start, no stamina system, etc), so many great units easy to get. I will not be surprised if something changes later to make more money, but I can recommend strongly for now.
wai choi ArkResona


玩消消樂都要鎖區真有病,開遊戲一直白畫面有vpn都沒用 等倒吧
Jonathan Mejura ArkResona


evilwhisper r ArkResona


Region blocked so the game can go f*** itself and the people who made it
ADarkInferno ArkResona


Can get in with no vpn since NA but with it, it doesn't work... i mean ok. I'm confused about how many gems we get per stage so ill say between 3-8 per normal level and 2 for only story ones. You can't take more than one bar per turn for enemies with multiple bars of health which is stupid. The tutorial last for a few sections and is pretty useless since its a puzzle game. 2% for 4 stars which is fine. A lot of the levels are just story levels where u can skip anyway to it makes it a little less repetitive I suppose. Pretty decent graphics. 300 gems for a multi is a bit of a yikes.
Burvery ArkResona


You can play this game only in NA or JP region, you will get " maintenance " otherwise. VPN does not work.
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