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Hgtv Ark Order (zh-TW)


God's zeedถูกใจสิ่งนี้[賣萌]
God's zeed like
Flixrin Ark Order (zh-TW)


This feels like an old game. The combat can be very repetitive after a while. The auto mode can be improved by adding auto reward skip, so that there is no need to tap everytime we finish the battle.

The combat is similar to pokemon.
It feels like the company cant be bothered with evolution art changes, but the base art is good from the start so its not too bad.

Overall, it is good game to pick up, but doesnt see myself playing it for long time
Enrique Sosa Ark Order (zh-TW)


muy bueno el juego la verdad [哇噻]
雪玲969 Ark Order (zh-TW)


UR units has 5% drop rates and SR has 15% but the resource to do 10 pulls weekly/monthly are very scarce. why must they copied Azur Lane style of chibi and character upgrade? It feels like very cheap immitation of Azur Lane but with weather theme girls instead of warships. visually nice but boring combat,not recommended.
Archxerx Hervieux Ark Order (zh-TW)


Porfin!!! ahora solo toca esperar que termine la mantención
Alvaro P. Ark Order (zh-TW)


No esperaba mucho del juego pero está bastante entretenido la verdad, además de que apenas tiene pantalla de cargas. Fluido, buenos personajes, se pueden conseguir personajes por Drop, ciertas aspectos parecidos a Azur Lane y otros juegos así que es bastante fácil de entender si has jugado algún juego de coleccionar waifus.
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