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Frederica Bernkastel Enkan no Kotowari


A MagiReco April Fool's game. Features 3 games. Doki-Doki Relay, Kyuubey Throw, and Topple the Witch's Pole [aka Bo-Taoshi. Look it up.] By sharing your score, you can be entered into... some lottery. I don't know if it's actually real or not, but apparently you could win either a gold Madoka figure, a silver Madoka figure, or a bronze Madoka figure. Take that with a grain of salt, I doubt you'll actually be winning anything. You can play as 10 characters, but you start out with Iroha. You can unlock the rest by playing the minigames. The characters you can unlock are the main characters of MagiReco and Madoka Magica. Also, there's a bonus character to unlock.

Spoiler alert: It's just a funkier looking Madoka.
Reux ilia Enkan no Kotowari


Rabbin8ter Enkan no Kotowari


A free Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record April Fools spin-off game where some characters from the game engage in sports day events, a very typical venture if you don't mind the Witches. Three games can be played, which involve sprinting away from a Witch, shot putting a Kyubey orb, and beating down a Witch tower. The graphics are fairly simple, with all of the characters sharing the same body and animations and Witch sprites taken directly from the original game. The music and sound are also simple, with no voice acting. Gameplay is extremely simple but pretty dumb, especially shot put which requires you to draw circles with your finger to build up strength. Obviously the game lacks a story and there's no microtransactions since it's just for the day, but there is a chance to win an actual trophy if you score really high and follow the official game's Twitter. Besides that, it's worth a play just for the hilarity of shot putting.

Is it actually called shot put?
gabriel zaragoza Enkan no Kotowari


It's cute
Magi. Enkan no Kotowari


love it!
TorielGamer TR Enkan no Kotowari


A pretty good game to pass time :^3
Hannah_B Enkan no Kotowari


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