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Chino Kafuu LifeAfter | Global


i like it this game, please update for edit character for weight, body, hair, face, eye, skin, and accessories. please update for bug or lag game and please update event game costume for character. thanks NetEase Games
Yu LifeAfter | Global


tl;dr: save yourself the time, money and headache by not playing this game and pick another that's not made by NetEase.

This game have the worst devs you can find around. They not only ignore the opinions of players but insulting them as well by claiming they would listen but nothing happens for months.

The in-game shop is just scam with prices so high where you can spend the same amount of money to get the real life counter part of the items they offer and the refund system can have errors making refund impossible. Gacha rates for premium items which takes up about 90% of the gacha can be 0.0002% or lower and the trash items which can obtain for players who played for 30 minutes are over 40%.

Gameplay is good for the first month or so but after that everything is copy and paste with little visual changes this includes all events which are just 95% copy and paste. PvP system is extremely bad where 1 PC player with lower gear can just walk all over dozens of mobile players with better gear making the PvP events and maps almost unplayable by mobile users.

Visuals are so good it'll cause lag even on lowest setting for most phones in places with lots of players making the gameplay extremely frustrating.

The English version or so they call it is so bad that even Google translate seem like world class translation. Most NPC dialogues makes no sense and some even have no dialogue with chat options only. Some of quests have wrong translation or wordings since the beginning of the game and till this day there's still no sign of them fixing it. The chat censorship is so random it censor some commonly used words such as 'game' for one person while another can type it with no problem.

If you reported a legitimate bug or error made by the devs they'll only give some empty promise most of the time and receive no compensation or given trash that not even new players who played for 10 minutes want.
Mi Susu LifeAfter | Global


plz add that I can change my character face and hair...I dont like how my character face look like right now but I dont want to make a new character plz add so I dont have to start over again
Mariyana Nicolaas LifeAfter | Global


I used to love this game but now I HATE IT! worst game ever [發火][no]
Eishal LifeAfter | Global


nice game i love it
add me if you want to play with me in game on instagram
name eishal244
stay safe and healthy...
whatsapp me
Aiser LifeAfter | Global


It is really a good game and it would be better if you could design your character a little compeleter like heigh,weigh,hair color and ... but the game is very good and with its newbe magazine it is really easy to understand and after you can do your game and get stronger.[開心][開心][開心][開心][哇噻][哇噻][哇噻][哇噻][哇噻]
Cuong Pham LifeAfter | Global


Vakho Jimsheleishvili LifeAfter | Global


hi guys my English very bad
i have ask
in game i doing quest
and quest give me many
but in bag i have 0$ what happened i not understand
help me 😊
Ninja 55 LifeAfter | Global


เฮ้อ...[大哭][大哭] ・ิ≖ ω ≖・ิ✧
Mitrovick Angy LifeAfter | Global


Aunque ya tiene su rato de estar es muy buen juego aunque algo P2W puedes hacerte de equipo conforme avanzas y hacerte de un campamento acorde a tu país.
mozzhient rose LifeAfter | Global


if you think this game is good then you all need help [汗顏]
Mr Smile LifeAfter | Global


life after global với life after night fall là hai bản khác nhau à
Navnèét Hàrdáhâ LifeAfter | Global


i played it for almost 6 months very good updates and new maps specially levin city..
Dking696 LifeAfter | Global


its a really good game and its even better because it doesn't have auto system which most of the games do
Tielle Nzk LifeAfter | Global


to hard get goldbar and formula shard for free player thank netease
Dưa A.R.M.Y LifeAfter | Global


sooooo greatt[色色][開心]
diaman_ LifeAfter | Global


good game
Lage Nan Kah LifeAfter | Global


cukup keren game ini
Nguyễn Ngọc Huyền Trân LifeAfter | Global


[色色][色色][色色]good game
anz LifeAfter | Global




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