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wullens robinson Story of Monsters


the art is definitely good and it feels refreshing; the story doesn't seem bad but i don't speak chinese so i don't understand a thing. so far, i would recommend it.
Joshua Sanders Story of Monsters


i bought a value pack, then it still gave me the option to buy it again, i bought it and it took my money and gave an error... in the end i got nothing from the purchase and wasted my money
Rabid Bat Story of Monsters


The art style is smooth and unique and the character designs are classic and well drawn,its pretty fair with the in game currency with lots of daily quests that gives you free premium summons. The gameplay is 2d third person explorasion style and tactic rpg fights (kind like disgaea style). The only problem i faced is that the character gets stuck during the gameplay and wont move or move with a 30 second delay but that only happened twice. Mind the game is in Chinese so i cant say if its any good or not but it seems to be about demons hunters helping people who have problems with demons.
It could really help if there was a wiki or a discord server for this game,it deserves more attention and love
Nana_Hase Story of Monsters


A bit like Onmyouji, but more interaction, story telling, art looks stunning
堕楽 Story of Monsters


Itay Sena Story of Monsters


It's great!
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