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Sherrice jackson Disney Twisted Wonderland


Game size is 1.3GB. The tutorial is quite long even when you skip through the story. You can't skip the "battles"

Anyway I'm going to try and be as nice as I possibly can without insulting anyone.

I was not expecting anything from this game and I'm glad I didn't. The game was hyped up and it's pretty boring. You have two different parts to the game: a part where you tap to the rhythm of whatever song is in the background while you ward off ghosts and then you have another part where you fight them. I'm sure the hard (I I didn't see an expert mode) version of the rhythm part will be more difficult but the fact that that's all you're doing is boring. The other part doesn't even seem to have any skills to activate. You are just choosing two people to fight and they both take a swing at the enemy. Enemy does the same and then you repeat the process. Both parts are done in a super simple fashion. Not sure why they didn't just pick one to work on and make it the main gameplay. There is a lesson part of the game but you have to finish some of the story before you even gain access to it.

Let's talk about the gacha. The rates are terrible. 1.5% chance for a SSR which is the highest rarity in the game. There is some sort of pity system. After 100 rolls you get a guaranteed SSR. I'm not sure if that resets if you get one before then or not. The game allows you to reroll the initial 10 roll and it seems to guarantee you get a SSR. Didn't reroll it more than once so I'm not sure if you can get more than one SSR. Now I'm not sure if I missed something but there was nothing in my inbox so you only get 110 gems to start out with. That's not even half of what it takes to roll in the gacha (takes 300 gems for a 10roll.)

The only positive thing I can say about this game is that the voice actors are good. This game is a hard pass for me.

P.S What the hell was up with the summon for a SSR? You literally just sit there while the mist goes. I had to tap before it finally showed the image.
July703 Disney Twisted Wonderland


яночка тобосо спасибо за еду

упд: с момента выхода игры сижу с одной гарант сср, которую дают в начале. больше их я не видела. охуенно
makkuchan Disney Twisted Wonderland


дисней, который мы заслужили
Seola Winner Disney Twisted Wonderland


Эти парни победят даже коронавирус! В общем шок контент девачки!
sakuyamaru90 Disney Twisted Wonderland


por suerte y gracias a que mi celu puede traducir el juego puedo leer los dialogos, la historia es muy buena y divertida con toques dramaticos y los diseños de yana toboso hermosos como siempre y que te dan ganas de jugar mas y mas, solo espero que arregle el pequeño problema que hay con algunos niveles de los juegos ritmicos que no funcionan correctamente
GothicWhite Disney Twisted Wonderland


เปิดตัวครั้งแรก 3/18/2020
เวลา 13.00 (ตามเวลาไทย)
เกมแนวเทิร์นเบส ออกแบบตัวละครมาในแบบแฟนตาซีสายดาร์ก ภาพอาจจะไม่สดใสแต่รับรองเสียงก็ไม่แพ้เกมอื่นแน่นอนค่ะ ><

- แนวกดจังหวะผสมการเล่าเรื่องเป็นฉาก
- เปิดเกมมาจะมีให้เลือกนิทานมา 1 อย่าง (หรือหอพักมีทั้งหมด 7)

เราถูกกระจกดึงเข้ามาสู่โลก “Twisted Wonderland” และได้รับเข้าเรียนที่โรงเรียนมายากลชื่อดังอย่าง Night Raven College ถึงตอนนี้หน้าที่เราคือฝึกฝนพวกเขาพร้อมกับหาทางกลับสู่โลกเดิม และความลับนั้นคืออะไรกันแน่?

*ที่จริงไม่ได้ติดตามอะไรกับเกมนี้ พอหาสรุปมาได้แค่นี้
หากมีอะไรผิดพลาด ขออภัยด้วยนะคะ
sunsunny Disney Twisted Wonderland


This is one of the most highly anticipated games of summer and it lives up to its hype. The whole thing just screams "Harry Potter!"

You got yeeted to another world through a magic mirror where Disney villains are portrayed as ikemens and ended up in a magical institute called "Knight Ravens College". Upon your arrival you met a feral kitty on the loose(called Grimm) who says that he's gonna become TW's greatest magician. You've also met the flamboyant headmaster of the school(his catchphrase:"Because I'm a nice person!"). Back at the dormitory the 7 dorm leaders are having a sorting hat initiation for the new students. The magic mirror tells you that there isn't anything special about you since you have 0 magic. You tell them it's because you came from another world and you want to go back where you came from, the headmaster agrees to help you. With nowhere else to go, you ended up staying at the institute as u discover the dark secrets of the dormitories.

Since the game is heavily focused on the story, it'll receive alot of criticism from the En community. The graphics and UI are really nice, it reminds me of Obey Me! The gameplay has 2 modes, "auto-battle" and "Rhythmic", once you've finished the tutorials the lesson modes such as Flying, Alchemy, magic classes will be available. Thumbs up for the bgm. The gacha rate however is so-so. Overall do I enjoy it? Heck yes! there are still  room for improvements and Im looking forward to the event platform.
[[edit: Pre-Registration users should also claim the milestone gifts before it expires]]
ユーリア Disney Twisted Wonderland


я думала они обосрутся, а они не обосрались. браво.
Ксения Филиппова Disney Twisted Wonderland


нихуя садись 5
Desert_lilie Disney Twisted Wonderland


I've played plenty of gacha games and ive played plenty of games that are still in the beginning phases(fun part of beta testing games) Twisted Wonderland is definitely one of the games in its beginning phase. Not all patches are out yet and im quite excited for the next patch updates.
To start the voice acting is amazing (wonderful job VA's),
the animations for the characters are fluid and that goes for the chibi version during battle as well.
The story line and character interactions if you understand (or have a translating app like me) is actually very well done as well and entertaining.
You have three class to choose from study, flying and potions class. Study specifically levels your character and has honey like drops that you can use to level your character on the card tab from the home screen. the flying lessons gives you candy/sweets drops where once again you can use through the card tab but its for progressing a characters story. Potions class gives you different things and has a schedule where each student changes per day (the drops change as well) you'll get text books to level up your current boys magic level and lollipops that help max out your character (once again you use these on the card tab)It will also increase the buddy level of the two characters paired (no you dont get to choose who the characters buddy is).
now some of those drops you can buy through Sam's shop as well but you'll need to do the potion classes to get the potion coins.
If you hit the rhythm tab on the main page you have different levels to play throughout the main story you already completed easy/normal/hard, you also get rewards for doing each one.
Even though not all the patches are out theres still plenty of things to do in the game.(like right now im focusing on maxing my current draws out from their character lvl to magic and their stories) each boy has their own separate story and a character chat.
The best part is that even though it does have in game purchase alot of the items you can get doing the classes it may take longer but for those that dont want to waste money its an option and gives you plenty to do while waiting for the next patches.
The game is not perfect but thats to be expected out of a new game it has a few bugs on certain rhythm parts but other than that hopefully with the next few patches those will be fixed with additional story added.
I think alot of people forget with brand new mobile games you wont have a lot off the bat and you WILL have to wait for each patch update even Magia Record started out rather slow i remember having it when it first popped up on qoo aap (not alot to offer) but as it progressed we got much more out of it so im expecting about the same thing here.
If you do like the game so far and can manage dealing with it being in japanese i do hope you'll continue supporting this game because im positive it will have alot more to offer us as the game continues to be improved.
If you want to understand whats being said in the game or the tabs but you dont have a translation app just search your playstore there's plenty of different options to choose from.
Update: if you all have continued playing id like to add when you get duplicates of the character it fills your limit break which is pretty cool and once its filled you can max out your limit break uping your character stats.
renkiP Disney Twisted Wonderland


It's been quite the wait but here it is! Graphics are very well-done, and with high-end phone models you can experience very smooth graphics and fully appreciate Yana Toboso's art! Soundtracks are great as well, I've been bopping to their main theme song months before and the OSTs are very Disney-like. Gameplay is meh, it's something you would play if you're really bored or just playing for the boys and their seiyuus (in my case). The battle mechanism is okay, and the rhythm section is mediocre.

For us international fans to fully-appreciate what the game has to offer, we need a global version. It's the story and commus each character has in store for us which wouls make us play more often. I'm still gonna play for now and wait for Epel's SSR, as well as Diasomnia to arrive (pls I need Lilia). Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty swell game, but there's nothing much unique within gameplay in terms of the market. Also, the character sprites are effin' adorable, one of the reasons I'll still play.
Ai Febriyani Disney Twisted Wonderland


I won't talk about size and style or something like that. I want to review about the gameplay.

Gameplay is better than "geared toward girls" games out there but too bad it's like tone-down Magia Record, like child version of Magia Record... (and way, way easier FGO).

Personally I kinda wish the rhythm isn't there and the RPG aspect was more "heavy" with skill and such, but I guess since this is "girl game" this thing ended up not the priority.

At least for me quite enjoyable and much better than DMM-games style or standard management/rhythm games.

Rates... I really hope the units/characters are useful despite in low rarities like FGO or Magia Record. I wouldn't mind low rates if low rarity characters are good to play (since this game is still new, I don't know about usefulness. But if this is first aniplex gacha game you've ever played, yes the rates are terrible. Yet, so far these aniplex games aren't that P2W compared to other gacha games). Value? We will see about that after harder content one day get release.

BTW I'm waiting for Diasomnia to get release.
deerychan Disney Twisted Wonderland


не вдупляю чё ставить но если однажды выбью сср орто то въебу пять звёзд спасибо
SilviaCS Disney Twisted Wonderland


GG slurr
Crowley King Disney Twisted Wonderland


Беру свои слова назад игра, не лагает просто надо пипец успевать в тайминги. Но блять как же меня бесит Боевая Это вся тактика фигня блин битвы это просто пиздец, потому что вот у тебя у твоего противника выбранная например вода, она первая, да получается следующая атака справа у обычных людей - следующая, думаешь справа у него огонь, слева воздух такой: "Ну блин, если не огонь, то воздух то ладно".
ᴄᴀᴛx Disney Twisted Wonderland


Mesmo não entendo nada, o jogo parece muito bom (nada que um tradutor de tela não ajude), só me deixa triste/irritado o fato de não ter a Diasomnia pra escolher
pixel starfire Disney Twisted Wonderland


i like this game . But I'll wait for the global version 🤗
Sebas Chan Disney Twisted Wonderland


ok i can not read kanji... i only understand some conversations. so when English version will release????
Ngoc Anh Disney Twisted Wonderland


nói chung là trai đẹp nhiều lắm moinguoi oiii tui choi mà chảy nuoc giải luôn ấy ( this game is verry nice the boy verry cute and handsome )
eviefree Disney Twisted Wonderland


пока не все понятно, но очень интересно!
мальчики очаровательные, геймплей оригинальный, Лёва супер


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