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Lyla Girls X Battle 2


I wish the ad was more truthful. I saw some cute girls and sexy looking women, but didnt expect to find half naked girls. It promotes pedophilia considering all the girls are underage. 😕
Kousai Zunji Girls X Battle 2


it's a good game
but if you add a love signs and things like this i mean like gxb 1 when you kiss your girl or somthing like that the game would be more interesting an beautiful
ザキングオッパイドラゴン β·Mission Exterminator Girls X Battle 2


i love this game
FZJanimated Girls X Battle 2


de todos los juegos de clase gacha, es de los mas justos. incentiva a jugar, por que recompensa al jugador por jugar, te da muchas oportunidades en eventos,misiones y etc.

ademas de que el sistema de gacha es justo, nunca he sentido frustracion alguna, no dependes de un solo sistema como muchos otros juegos de la misma clase.

para poner un ejemplo de lo bueno que es contra otros juegos de su clase:

ataque de titantes:tactics.
solo recibes 20-40 cristales al dia, cuando eres novatos tienes diferentes maneras de recibir mas cristales, pero una vez que alcanzas los niveles mas altos, pues te jodes solo recibes 20 mugrosos cristales al dia y necesitas 300 para rollear una sola vez lol.

en cambio aqui. recibes cristales constantemente.
por hacer misiones, eventos, regalos diarios, trofeos, objetivos y largo etc. si lo haces bien puedes juntar 400 cristales al dia, necesitas 2200 para rollear personajes de 4-5 estrellas. sin embargo a diferencia de ataque de titantes. este juego te ofrece decenas de otras maneras de conseguir personajes de 5 estrellas de forma gratuita y considerablemente rapido.

atraves de capsulas, sellos, shards y etc que se consiguen muy facil con eventos o misiones. en dos semanas tendras lo suficiente como para rollear 200 veces si sabes como acumular y sacar provechos tus items. ademas el juego tiene contenido nuevo cada semana, por lo que siempre tienes algo que hacer.

es un buen juego que vale la pena.
L☆dragon~ Girls X Battle 2


its is awsome graphices are all cools and its make us to play more and more and just dont have high hope that u will able to date its a action game😄😃😀
Seulbi Lee Girls X Battle 2


game nya bagus, moe, story oke, art nya bagus
tapi entah kenapa belakangan ini tiba-tiba suka keluar sendiri dari game nya ketika battle, karena sebelumnya tidak pernah terjadi mohon untuk perbaikannya
ыва Girls X Battle 2


донатная помойка для лошков.

мне подходит
Mirai chan Girls X Battle 2


Aunque el gancha aveces es solo un poco deshonesto los recursos se consiguen con facilidad y en poco periodo de tiempo ademas aunque seas un jugador free que no le mete dinero al juego tienes igual potencial que un jugador que paga cierto quiza sea un poco mas lento tu progreso pero, no te aburriras. Es un juego fantastico que llevo aproximadamente 2 años o mas jugando y nunca me ha decepcionado bueno a menos que seas adicto a las skins. *^*
Snowcaloid 『 Music 』 Girls X Battle 2


Ez to play but is significantly unfriendly to f2p players
uwu offical Girls X Battle 2


First off-
The promotions for this game are superrrrr clickbaity. Ngl the concept of these promotions are f'ed up (insinuating underage pregnancy...) That's definitely not it, but aside from it's shady marketing techniques and on to the actual game itself it's alright.
(psssh this review is gonna be a bit everywhere, its just a summary from what I've experienced in the 4+ months of playing).
Pretty much use it for passing time and I'm willing to pay more than VIP3 (the only rank you need to go for if your looking to pay). The events is what gives life into the game, varying from repeating events to on the rare occasions new and somewhat interesting events. PS: NEVER BUY THE EVENT PACKS. ITS A RIPOFF
The gameplay is very repetitive but once you've got a good flow going the game becomes super easy. I personally don't pay attention to the story due to it generally looking quite uninteresting and once you've gotten into the higher lvls their borderline forgettable. Btw the lvling system is BS. In the higher lvls takes weeks to even get one more rank up.
(LOL I noticed at this point I'm kinda bashing on the game so here's something nice).
It's super easy to obtain ingame occurrences (gems, coins, etc) just a little bit of self control can get you far! The art itself is quite nice on the eyes, obviously not super detailed but its enough to be enjoyable (although I wish after all this time they'd try to make it more complex but oh well...).
Overall the game is pushing more towards p2w, giving them more stuff. F2w players...good lucking lvling up lol
Myriam Thibault Girls X Battle 2


Very nice game, quite weird that you can't change your gender? Sure the "Senpai" protag is male, okay, but it feels weird to be addressed as such when you're female 😅 really weird. Other than that great game love to play it in-between FGO AP-recharging times 🙂
Shiro_ Yuki Girls X Battle 2


it's fun[哇噻][哇噻] and you can find many cute girl[鬼臉][鬼臉] well
Sora__ Girls X Battle 2


the game got stuck in loading screen after reach 100% how to fix it?
Akira Leir Girls X Battle 2


TLDR: Pay-to-win trash. Long version: New servers every two f*cking weeks just to bait whales (or suckers, as I like to describe them) to hop servers, killing older servers (all 395 of them). Progression stalls for f2pers because you need much $$$luck$$$ pulling four f*cking units of the same element and rarity to evolve a single character, all that while severely limiting the inventory, which by the way is only expandable with premium currency, greatly increasing its price for a negligible amount of extra space. Some functions are locked behind VIP levels, which you can only increase by spending real money.
Gardevoir Girls X Battle 2


I love girls X Battle 2 because i finally graduate 3 of thme to a 6 star and got costumes for some of them so that's why I love girls X Battle 2.
Tesa Joelian Girls X Battle 2


i play on redmi note 2 OS 5.1(lollipop) even in qoapp say device out date and it play normal
Steph Green Girls X Battle 2


One of the best idle games I have played so far.
Hakubi Dōji Girls X Battle 2


game is fun but on every step it pops Super Hiper Packs and its soo expensive i spend on it like 200$ ans barely hit vip5(there is 12 lvls) and not to hit lvl 6 ia need to double it... Its not fun without whale for me.. for me f2p is not enjoyable at all. but thats mine opinion.
Bon Khang Lam Girls X Battle 2


game hay,rất dễ cày và mạnh lên.nhưng sao game lại tạo điều kiện nạp dữ vậy,thành ra nếu có player nạp sẽ tạo ra mất cân bằng nặng nè,nên tìm cách tránh.
Music ATP Girls X Battle 2


game p2w.
chơi free thì thọt ghê lắm.
vs lại h tỉ lệ roll 5* giảm thậm tệ hơn trước nhiều còn 0.015% thì ra thế é.o nào


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