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Stale Bread Skip school ! -escape game


Master is so cool!

(You'll understand once you'll play through the game)

This game is like the sequel of Skip Work ! and still a simple point and click game with many more stages than the previous game and even sillier outcomes. It takes about 2 hours to beat if you view all of the outcomes. There is also a bit of a story cutscene after you beat a set of stages. I recommend you play the prequel first before playing this one and to also make sure you turn on Airplane mode when playing because there will be a TON of ads.
RedDress Top Contributor Skip school ! -escape game


A good time waster. This one is a little bit harder than its twin
Moises Lopez Skip school ! -escape game


un juego de acentijos de como escapa de clase, aunque paresca uno mas de monton de esto tipo de juego es que este tiene manera muy creativa de sus diferente formas de escapa, y aunque no lo paresca tiene una historia, pero sencilla que la van diciendo cuando termina un determinado nivel, lo único malo que quizas tiene es su anuncios publicitarios pero aun asi no le quitar lo bueno que es, esta en ingles pero es basico asi que no es dificil de entender, vale la pena terminado a 100%
Jayson公式 Skip school ! -escape game


ξ( ✿>◡❛)
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