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キツネズライ 10 Project | Japanese


The graphic is really make me skipped a beat、UI is nice、characters are cute (chibis [ ♡v♡])、but no males(well、i didn't get any male so far). Though for a simple tower defense that i really miss since a long time this game is really great.
Kinda hate it cuz everytime i get a new character i should translate it 1st
Well、no complain for it since i get used to screenshot translate.

Is this game worth a try? yes!
GreyCastle 10 Project | Japanese


The game is enjoyable. Great graphic and gameplay. I dislike the music, but at least you can opt to turn the music off.

Maintainance on 01/24/2019 resulted in: download 1492.86 Mb.
Sunny Dola 10 Project | Japanese


[可憐] I was enjoying the game so far until i closed the game, went to sleep and tried opening it again the next day. and it just jept on saying disconnected from Internet, idk why but i treid another wifi and also my data and both didnt work.
Even uninstalling and reinstalling it doesnt make a difference.
Nhân Thai 10 Project | Japanese


TheBoT 10 Project | Japanese


everything about this game is good, only has a few flaw and one of them is how leveling up works, unlike other rpgs game i've played the leveling system where it relies on items to level your character kinda sucks but it has some charm to it. The second problem is, you guessed it, languange barrier, yes, i know, there are an app here that has the traditional chinese language but i think we all need a global release with english on it.
puttipong wiputkrut 10 Project | Japanese


Hard than. Aigis
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