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Mary Daluz Hakuouki: Shinkai Kaze no Shou


I wish this game is english and free🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭 😭😭.
Sen Hakuouki: Shinkai Kaze no Shou


これは 私にとって最高の乙女ゲームなので、有料で無料ではありません...
Mizuki Yonomori Hakuouki: Shinkai Kaze no Shou


I wish it was completely free. ;;;


This game and story is my favorite of all times. it has influenced me in so many ways, I can never be greatful enough to it.

now, here's what happened tho:
back then I purchased the first part, for USD$24, which in my country is a lot of money. i was always afraid of losing the app data cause I didn't know If it would ask me to pay again, but i tried and it didn't. at the end of the prologue it would load as if it was already paid, which i was super greatful for.
Now, I haven't played it in a long while, a couple of years at least, I changed my phone and all... And when I tried playing it again, right where the prologue ends... It says I have to pay. I didn't remember which account I used to pay, but I switched it through all, and nothing... It still says I have to buy it, and it's s so unfair cause I had paid for it already, and I don't have that money now.

if anyone's gone through this and fixed it, i would gladly accept your help [憋屈]

but just wanted to let you all know that there is this possibility.
Nanah გამერ Hakuouki: Shinkai Kaze no Shou


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