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Pistolhappyman Warship Girls


just a boring Kancolle/Azure lane game. beautiful art but it has the most basic of the basic type of girls.
kaito kun Warship Girls


Muy bueno y adictivo (bueno para mi 😊)
MasktheSaito Warship Girls


lmao just play Girls Frontline
way better
IshigamiYuu Warship Girls


illustration : 9/10, excelent
In game art : 2/10, Meh
BGM : 1/10 (suck)
VC : -99/10, (this shit game keep repeating ONE same line wtf)
game play : 6/10, its okay
Storyline : N/A, do this game even have story ?
Value : .... do you ask me bout value of this game ? pfft

Basically This game was Low budged (kancolle Rip off) 1,4GB oversized GARBAGE.

When i see the illustration or key visual ... they did well, but after i play it MEEEEEEEEH its really disapoint me, you dev really looked down on game making Business, If you really dont Have budged to make Waifu game then dont, Half-assed game only make you go bankrupt
Satoshi Warship Girls


Personally, I love this game. I love the illustration, I love the battle system, I love the construction system.

The setting of the different ships is really suitable. The difference between the adorable illustration style girls and the heavy machinery grab my attention in the first place.

The explaination in tutorial is detail but not so long, so players can jump right into the game with basic knowledge.

The construction system is great and fair in my opinion. Player can determine their own resources to get their new ships unlike other games that have a fixed require amount for their gacha. And I think the rate of getting a rare ship is quite high. For me, I got 2 rare 4☆ ships out of 3 construction.

In the beginner stage, players can get resources easily in main quest and battle. And then they can easily get construct new ships to power up the teams and proceed for further battle with higher difficulty. I think this game has a great balance between effort and reward.
Mr H Warship Girls


azur clone....
Fed Nahuel Warship Girls


game's garbage. azur lane is much better
December12 Warship Girls


The gameplay is simple, but fun and not monotonous. Grinding is very satisfying. Nearly 400 different girls, cute imoutos to thicc oneesans (no whores). Frequent events (and without hellish RNG).
This game is not P2W, but chances are you will buy lots of rings and bedroom slots 'for fun'. And don't forget the memes, this game has a ton of memes.

HF and 0v0
TeMist Warship Girls


too disappointed, i thought this game will better than Azur Lane
Domon Bos Warship Girls


so goood [開心][開心][開心][開心][開心]
Monoma Warship Girls


Awesome game!

The graphic is attractive with the change of vessel illustrations when they are damaged. I think most of the people like it because they have less/broken clothing. However as a girl my focus on this design is that it really drag me in empathizing for my own team if they get hurt in the battle. Just like when I played Token Ranbu I will send them straight to repair if they get a critical hit in battles.

Also, since I am not good at strategizing in game, the auto battle features really help me a lot. But the choose of formation and other features such as the modification maintain a certain extent of playability of the game.

If I have to nitpick a minus point it the game, it would be the limitation of not able to construct rare vessels (5☆and above) before reaching level10. I mean, what if I am lucky enough to get one in a low ranking! (just kidding lol)
Hungry Munchlax Warship Girls


And yet another warship waifu game
Dark King Warship Girls


boring and basic, relies heavily on the art
Lloyd Dunamis Warship Girls


Basically yet another Kancolle dup/wannabe/whathaveyou (not Azur Lane).
Lots of English translation typo/grammar errors, and everything looks & feels too unpolished & uninspired.
A shame for the artists to have their effort put in vain or something. I see a few recognizable arts though; I wonder...
Alexander Anacin Warship Girls


I only have Azur Lane (which I know is heavy) but even after deleting all my other games, I can't even install it. Like, what?!
RexSalinas Warship Girls


meh, espero mejore
Reanthar Warship Girls


it's true this game has a really long time since released, considering that, game should be enhanced in many specs. like interface, graphics, 2d live (I love it), etc.

graphics: well, comparing with other games is not amazing and it's really simple but it takes advantages of it, making most characters cute like actual animes (you know many "kawaii" characters have a simple design)
sound: simple, I like it.
gameplay: no need intervention at all that means auto play and, with time, it will become into good casual game.
storyline: typical but I took the hook.
value: really I don't know what this characteristic means, value of game or value of money can be used in game (like in purchase, if it is fair), or the contribution to the community (new things, enhancements). in any case purchase is as many Japanese games, expensive for few benefits. contribution, it is not much but it's interesting see something different.
Jackson Kraken Warship Girls


not bad, not bad at all but still much things need to improve [汗顏] [不滿][發困][懵懂]
No Noo Warship Girls


Miyabi Warship Girls


At first, I think this game is just for Male. But after playing for a while, I am addicted to it and enjoying it too!

The setting of vessels is in detail and I learn some knowledge about it while playing the game// Like the different formation and different skill that a vessel have.

And I really love the fact that the resources will automatically recover even if players are offline. So even if you are not a hard core player you can still get resources to construct new ships occasionally.

Although sometimes the game will have error in loading but it can reload easily. I am sure this problem will be fix. Let's not criticize this on a newly published game~

Overall, this game is still awesome and I will recommend you to try it out too!(〃'▽'〃)


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