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JustaNormalGuy Music Racer


the game is very good

you can choose your own music when playing, but the best part is that the music you choose effects the the surrounding.

learning the game is easy, but getting good at it is hard. how hard the game is depending on what map and music you choose.

the game have a lot of cars that cost from 3000 I think to 150 000.
Superintendent Music Racer


Edit: New update today, and I was able to successfully get a new map without losing 6k in hard earned points. The "super textures" still make the frame rate choppy and do absolutely nothing to make the entire theme of the game any better, reverting back to the graphics models from the earlier build (2nd to recent update) would be the smartest move that the Devs could make. Right now, even with one of the best Phones on the market, this game is an eyesore and entirely unplayable.
Noscope Quickscope Music Racer


Similar to Audiosurf. The graphics and effects are amazing.
CanameMik Music Racer


a very iNTeREsTiNg game, indeed.

it looks good visually, the maps are good and the car looks pretty legit. but tbh i think every single Freedom Dive chart is easier than this. There's 3 (or 4) modes and only one worked for me for some reason.
Elihú Gamaliel Music Racer


Fernanda Kensheisama_R18 Music Racer


oh god why this game is so hard...
Ezio de la Auditore Music Racer


Amazing game, runs pretty good on regular smartphones too, and it stills getting better with upgrades, looking foward to it.
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