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RedDress Top Contributor MazM: Jekyll and Hyde


What is there to say? i never thought i would adore this game so much.

Graphics, the art of this game is Really good. It really suits the game's theme. The purchased art is beautiful, i buyed all of it immediately.

The sounds gotta be my most favorite part. You see, Im not a fan of scary things, because Im actually not that brave. But the audios of this game is really enjoyable, very well made, very fitting with the situations of the game, and it gave lots of chills to me while playing this.

Gameplay is simple, you gotta follow the Storyline while sometimes play some mini games. Simply good.

Storyline? this is the story Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, you can't ask for more.
Am MazM: Jekyll and Hyde


I really really really adore the graphic design! The sound fits the game really well and builds up a lot of tension. For people who are discomforted by sounds like that, the game would not be as amazing, as I think it is, but that is the reason there was an information/ warning beforehand. I also really like the story, because it takes place in old London and refers to the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which I think is a really interesting story. Also the use of language is to my liking. Thank you for evolving a game like this.
Shiro/Kuro Kurosawa MazM: Jekyll and Hyde


Really good and interesting game. I really like it [開心][開心][開心]
Nero Claudius MazM: Jekyll and Hyde


I just loved it ;w;
A shame that I need to watch adds :'v
But it was worthy every second!!!
Lime Green Flower with Crow Wings MazM: Jekyll and Hyde


it's a great game with great art and great characters ngl
the only thing i don't like is how expensive the art is (with in-game currency) but it's reasonable seeing how good it is \(^o^)/
Waya EiEi MazM: Jekyll and Hyde


เกมดีงามมากค่ะ!♡♡♡ เดินเรื่องไม่ยากเกินไป มีความลุ้นตลอดเวลา รูปแบบวรรณกรรม อินมากค่ะ*-* //มีver.ไทยใน play store อีกเกมของผู้สร้างก็ดีงามค่ะ♡♡♡
User Flookz MazM: Jekyll and Hyde


review (safe code) https://youtu.be/f3fTlGf1DwE
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